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3D driveable vehicles

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I wish to discover and implement the method used by sgt mark iv to create 3d driveable tanks


my plan thus far


1 get a bunch of 3d models ... done

2 draw up a plan of attack ... done

3 getting it to work


plan of attack


play with random models - done


make simple 3D enemy tank


one actor for the turret and one actor for the base


use a script that regulary makes sure the turret actor is aligned with the base ... OR ... somehow move turret and base at the same time ... I noticed a slight delay between turret and base on older systems when playing vietdoom


animate tracks by switching thread texture when moving to create illusion of rolling tracks ... maybe even do left, right, forward and backwards track anim


use a script to transform the player in to the tank and catch input to handle tank movement


thats what I have so far


next step will be to do a jagtpanzer (no turret) enemy tank with animated tracks - I have the 3D model already


pics of early tests of throwing obj models in to gz doom




5th element hover cop car by
Léonard_Doye on sketchfab.com




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had a few more pictures to post and stuff to say but suddently the editor began throwing random quotes all over and I could not remove the last one even if it is now empty

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yearh, so I picked up this idea again since I find driveable 3d stuff in gzdoom to be awesome


I just started doing a 2nd edition styled rhino body from scratch




tank tests - made with 3d models downloaded online then modified and then used to replace the ontos in sergeant marks vietdoom


predator source model featured in videos:






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I decided to JUST use the tracks from the ontos and then body parts from an STL rhino, with my own texture


source model: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/space-marine-rhino-rogue-trader-version

its texture I have made from several 'modern' rhino textures




the model curr has





side hatches

front armor

front logo


this represents 8 hours of work done by me


curr needs


rear hatch


top hatches

big top hatch

rear lightbar

front lightbar

smoke launchers

4 exausts

rear boxes

front headlights


I expect atleast 12 hours more work just to complete the rhino, then I need to look at the parts that can make a rhino in to a







which is also the 4 tanks I expect to be the end result of this excercise


some of these will be difficult to texturize, but it will be possible


expect a new test video when the predator variant is ready



each part of this tank is scaled, edited, textured and placed by me...

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for annihillator I will need to use a post heresy turret since this pre heresy rhino set did not have an annihillator turret




it did however have bits to make a predator, razorback, whirlwind and a vindicator



there will be NO side sponsors

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12 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Pretty cool, but what do you plan on using them for?




I plan on doing a big 40k megawad at some point, where I will be trying to use as many of the 3d 40k models as I can


first step will be a space crusade TC megawad


after I change ALL the tanks in sergeant marks vietdoom, then I will try to cut away anything that is not needed for the tanks themselves


the helicopter will likely become a valkyrie, I have a wide range of 40k models that can fly

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7 minutes ago, CBM said:




I plan on doing a big 40k megawad at some point, where I will be trying to use as many of the 3d 40k models as I can


first step will be a space crusade TC megawad

Sounds like a good fit! Vehicles are an awesome idea when utilized properly, they're especially great for a change of pace in longer maps. Good luck!

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5 minutes ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Sounds like a good fit! Vehicles are an awesome idea when utilized properly, they're especially great for a change of pace in longer maps. Good luck!

Thanks. I totally agree! I hope it will turn out to be awesome and I hope seergeant mark will forgive me for butchering his vietdoom to do this hehe.. however I will of course credit him as much as possible


4 minutes ago, The Bug said:

I'm intrested to see the vehicles!


then watch this space :D


I already have a thread with dark angels where I made a downloadeable pack with a dreadnought, terminator and 4 different space marines.. they replace default doom monsters when used in gzdoom

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progress with the rhino base




- added top hatch

- changed the texture

- changed the front ultra marines logo texture mapping

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- added manhole covers

- added smoke launchers

- added rear hatch... not sure if it is supposed to sit like that.... its been atleast 20 years since I have held an mk 1 rhino tank in my hands

Edited by CBM : forgot about the smoke launchers

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- added headlights

- added antennas

- reworked texture mapping on side ports

- reworked texture mapping on top port

- moved hinges on top to fit top port


this pre-heresy mk 1 rhino is starting to look mighty good in my view

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15 minutes ago, YeOldeFellerNoob said:

Hey, what's the weapon mod you have in the first screenshot?

I think it might be either Doom Remake 4 or one of my own personal mod mixes

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RHINO BASE COMPLETE... Now I need to prep the predator turret bits - then I can do an in-game video test




the cargo boxes in the rear was made 100% by me since the bits ones were pretty bad


the smoke stacks have been modified to have a more modern exaust tip because I was never a fan of the original tips

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ok, so the predator is basically working now...


I have not been able to get any kind of responses from sergeant mark IV.. plus this uses assets from his vietdoom alpha 1, so this will be unlikely to release until he completes vietdoom


...at which point I will repeat my request to him once again regarding if he is ok with me using stuff from his alpha 1 to make this...


ultimately, if he refuses to allow me to use the stuff then the 40k tanks will just be a personal mod that I can use for my own amusements... atleast until I figure out how to replicate the needed coding...


plus.. one small detail... its the mk 2 rhino chassis that this ultra marines predator is based on...


I shortened the autocannon mounted in the turret and the antennas a bit, rotated and scaled tower and body to fit vietdoom and made other small enhancements here and there...



the 40k predator actually has a base plate meant to sit between the chassis and the tower and I might place that one thus making a dedicated base for the predator that way (rhino_hull is identical to predator_hull) :




this would allow me to have the turret more accurately placed and better centered on the tank itself...


Im also considering if I should remove the side steps on the rhino - it is basically already a conversion, since I did change details here and there compared to the old official model


I consider this new space marine tank version to be a significant improvement over the annihillator one I showed yesterday

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BUT ...


I might be able to put a driveable unarmed rhino in gzdoom without sergeant marks vehicle code


since there are many examples of this type of vehicle

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fourth test ... performance optimized .. still obj files



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3 hours ago, CBM said:

fourth test ... performance optimized .. still obj files




Thats cool. How?

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6 minutes ago, Jaska said:


Thats cool. How?

I just changed the 3d models used for the patton tank in sergeant marks vietdoom alpha 1


I am however studying his work in a hope I might be able to fully understand the vehicle code he made


the optimization I refer to is a mesh optimization of the obj files needed



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Just got word from sergeant mark iv


I may use the vehicle stuff in his vietdoom mod as a base to make other 3D vehicle mods as long as he is credited! I am so happy! :D :D


This will be so damn awesome! I need to get started on more vehicles right away!!


but first, the predator tank needs a pintlemounted stormbolter to account for that secondary fire mode


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10 hours ago, Doomenator said:

I just tried it and it seems cool but I am aiming to bring high poly space marine vehicles in to GZDoom using sgt marks stuff as a base


OmniVehicle also seems to use sgt marks stuff as a base as also indicated in the credits but some of the stuff is sprites... like the mech?


the tanks seems to be more low poly than the ones sgt mark uses in vietdoom


however the 3 tanks are really awesome...


I do like the whole cockpit view though, I am aiming for the 3rd person view that was also used by sgt mark in his vietdoom.


My space marine vehicle pack will is based on vietdoom , however... I am still working on the vehicles... I have a predator, rhino and whirlwind that are all nearing completion


I am investigating how to increase the top speed of the vehicles also, since I plan on having 3 classes of vehicles in my mod...


light -> fast and poorly armoured... like a post apocalyptic bus or a space ork battlewagon

medium -> medium speed and medium armor... like a well armoured millitary humwee or an imperial guard taurox

heavy -> heavy well armoured and slow tanks like the space marine predator and imperial guard leman russ tanks


the light vehicles would be very fun for interstate 82 / carmageddon / mad max / post apoc styled maps


also omnivehicles does not seem to support placing the vehicles in the editor like I can do with my 40k mod and like sgt mark can do with his vietdoom tanks?


like in interstate 82, I plan on having any vehicle be manned by either a player or a monster... if possible

if not... then I will just make do with placeable driveable vehicles and AI controlled vehicles... part of the fun with tanks, cars etc.. is to have other tanks, cars etc to fight...


and I plan on adding flying vehicles like the imperial guard valkyrie based on the helicopter in vietdoom (the helicopter uses a cockpit)


after all this is said, I would still likely do a mod at some point that uses omnivehicles, since there are still some cool stuff in that mod


might even use it as a supplement for my 40k mod if possible?

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for those who want to place omnivehicle tanks on their maps, I made this quick mod to allow this


omnimap - requires omnivehicles

(I could not get the editor to allow placement of the artillery tank but the battle tank and the flame tank can be placed -

also the editor is unhappy about a bunch of sprites when using this)




and here is a test map (omnimap01 - requires omnimap.pk3 and omnivehicles)








playing vietdoom + omnivehicles



Edited by CBM

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the space marine vehicles I am making will be part of a larger 40k mod


the mod will have...


- driveable 40k vehicles - both space marine, ork and chaos space marine variants

- flyable 40k vehicles

- 40k enemies for example chaos space marines

- 40k friendly vehicles

- map placeable vehicles both friendly, hostile and driveable/flyable ones

- map placeable enemies and friends - for example chaos space marines and tactical space marines

- maybe even an option to have a thunderhawk deliver a driveable tank or a friendly tank or a friendly squad of tactical space marines


the maps..


- most will feature some kind of outside environment at the start and end of a map and will contain scattered vehicles

- the player MAY be able to bring a vehicle from the last map with him to the next map

- the player MAY be able to upgrade a vehicle using credits

- some maps might be all outside... perhaps a mission where an enemy armor division must be destroyed before they reach some checkpoint etc


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image of the predator hull from saturday




and here is the rhino from friday




at a later time, I will make skins for other chapters for the tanks... mainly chaos, ork looted, dark angels, blood angels, black templars, imperial fist, legion of the damned, imperial guard camo

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working on chaos beserker, by modifying existing chaos space marine




I have been ill with a serious flu so havent had energy for much of anything

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