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Progressive Rock Suggestions?

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Beggars Opera (Act One/1970) is in my opinion their masterpiece. I like that album very much. You have to check it out and give it a chance. 

Cathedral (Stained Glass Stories/ 1978) Interesting for YES fans esp. Fragile, Close to the edge, Relayer...

Hoelderlin '75-'79 found their way into my collection, too. 

Grobschnitt, the seventies. Try "Jumbo" english version or Solar Music if you don't know them yet. 

Riverside, a polish band that got often compared with Pink Floyd. Their first albums really have these special moments. A Shine on you crazy Diamond part is briefly played in one of their songs and it fits well. 

The Watch, an italian band heavily into Genesis/Gabriel era. They sound like as if Peter never left the band and carried on with new material. Very interesting.  

Deyss, a Marillion clone of the earlier days I'd say. I don't remember them very well though, it's a long time ago. 

Eloy (Ocean '77) is a nice album to listen to first if you don't know them. 

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  • Refugee is awesome, one album, but beautiful (thx markanini)
  • There's that Alan White's album which gets very low reviews, but track #3 "Avakak" is fantastic.
  • Brand X first album, fully instrumental.
  • National Health, almost fully instrumental.
  • Canarios are maybe obscure because they are Spanish. Ciclos is IMO better than any ELP album. I am comparing these two as ELP liked to rearrange the classical.
  • SBB are maybe obscure because they are Polish. I didn't care about them much until this year (maybe I had listened to some lesser tracks). Memento z banalnym tryptykiem (link)

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On 8/25/2020 at 11:08 PM, 4everDoomed said:

Eloy (Ocean '77) is a nice album to listen to first if you don't know them.

YouTube for some reason actually didn't stop recommending me that album, so one day I gave it a listen and loved it!

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Here is something nobody mentioned. The first album from the hard rock band Krokus was released in 1976 and has a progressive style to it.



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This is the best of their stuff I can find online to sample, Rush worship.

Also, a personal favourite of mine, if you're a bit more into more Zeuhl-ish stuff:


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Okay, gotta represent one of my all-time favorite bands, DREAM THEATER, with a classic:

and one of their most recent classics:


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I might get laughed out of the room for this one, but Journey's debut album is rather proggy and has always been a favorite of mine.





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I hate that I found this thread cause that means I have to stop chimp posting. Back to it then I guess:



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Prog rock/prog metal I like:







Pink Floyd

Dream Theater

Death (prog death)

Green Carnation

Dream Theater

Fate's Warning


Porcupine Tree


Opeth (prog death)

Tool (not that kind of Tool fan)





Also, if Warning and 40 Watt Sun count, those are two of my favorite band of all time. More Doom than prog, but they definitely have progressive elements.



Will update when I think of more. Although I listen to more Doom metal than prog these days.

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