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Is there a way to create a new episode for duke nukem 3D?


I know this is a doom website but there is not really much other websites that will have answers. Especially the fact that a lot of the doom world community knows how to edit classic FPS games. What I’m trying to do is put my custom maps into a new episode for this one mod that dose not have enough levels in my opinion. So to fix it I would like to know how to add in a custom level and to add in levels into and episode.

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Have you looked here:?




or here:




or here:




I haven't done any DN3D editing, but a quick search  (e.g. "duke nukem 3d editing") indicates tat there is plenty of resource out there... That is general search for editing, but you should be able to narrow down the specific answer with a bit of reading. Good luck.

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Sort of. You can replace and retitle an existing episode with an episode of your own.

You need to open USER.CON. If you can’t find it, you should be able to extract it in the GRP through SLADE. 

Open it with wordpad or notepad, or whatever similar app your prefer. 

then, do a search for the phrase (no quotes) “Volume”. 

you should now see something like this:

// Volume titles cannot excede 32 characters.
definevolumename 0 L.A. MELTDOWN

definevolumename 1 LUNAR APOCALYPSE

definevolumename 2 SHRAPNEL CITY

definevolumename 3 THE BIRTH


volume is just another way of saying episode. “0” is episode 1, “1” is episode 2, and so on. 

Don’t change those numbers. Just rename the episode (don’t exceed 32 characters, spaces included) you wish to change. This is exactly how the addons for DN3D added their episodes in. 

from here, you should be able to figure out where to find the level names and par times. You can make USER.CON load your map files in place of the ExLx.map files in the episode you choose to replace, and you can also control which midis play (and make the game call for custom tracks instead) all within this file. You don’t need to mess with DEFS.CON or GAME.CON for this. 

also... Duke4.net

Edited by Gerolf

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