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Dr. Nick

Ancient Temple Doom WAD

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This is my first doom WAD so feed back is appreciated. 

It's made for doom 2, tested with GZDoom without crouch or jump. freelook was used.

There are differences between difficulties. I tested on "Hurt me Plenty", so other difficulties may be less balanced. I'd say it isn't TOO difficult.




ancient temple.rar

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You have already incorporated some nice techniques, I think about the lighting, platforms, traps, secrets.


But there is also room for improvement: It does not make much sense to have the keys placed right in front of their respective doors. That's as good as having standard doors that don't need a key.


Regarding your teleporters you should flip the lines so that their "nose" points outwards (see screenshots). The result is that you get teleported when walking into the teleporter instead of getting teleported when you walk out.


Also some textures should be aligned better.


But overall it's a good start. Please go on mapping :)



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Not bad, mate. You're definitely thinking outside the box a little when it comes to your progression and there's definitely some cruelty going on, though a little unbalanced in that regard by sticking enemies right in your face in a cramped corridor after pulling the rug out from under the player. Pulling the rug out is fine, if not expected, but you've got to be at least a little fair heh. I think the only thing that stood out to me as an odd choice was your key placement as the first one's sitting right in front of its corresponding door, while the other one's apparently supposed to be a secret but it was just sitting out in the open waiting for me to grab it. I definitely see some potential regardless and would like to see more mapping efforts from you.



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Posted (edited)

Just played this (GZD, UV +Brutal). Nice work. I love the cracked texturing at the start.


Possibly a bit easy? I'll have another crack using GZD only. No obvious issues with textures or monsters though. Good stuff.


** EDIT **

Replayed with GZD only - better balanced, and I got all secrets. Good effort dude.

Edited by smeghammer

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