"DOOM 87: The Lost World" is an upcoming vanilla-compatible DOOM II megawad.  The first few maps are fairly easy, but the difficulty increases significantly by the start of the Hell episode on MAP12.  Currently, a 21-map beta release is available and features some epic vanilla DOOMING action!  Get ready for an exciting new adventure as Doomguy locates a secret hellspawn base on Earth known as "The Lost World."   Download the "DOOM 87: The Lost World" beta release today!   D87BETA.ZIP   (For more information regarding compatibility, please read the included "D87INFO.TXT" and "README.TXT."  MAP21 and MAP26 will not function as intended in source ports that don't allow ghost monsters, although these maps can still be completed.  I personally recommend PrBoom+ if you want to use a modern source port that'll run this WAD perfectly with DOOM II 1.9 compatibility.)   Epic screenshots for epic DOOMERS :D   MAP01: House of DOOM   MAP02: Surf Demons   MAP04: Evil Library   MAP07: The Ball Game   MAP08: Marketplace   MAP11: Arch-Ville   MAP12: The Heck Dimension (This is where things get really tough :D)   MAP15: Hall of Memes   MAP16: Demon Jail   MAP17: Disaster Area (yes, this map has a TNT reference at the end :D)   MAP18: Sadistic   MAP19: Surrounded   MAP21: Anguish   MAP22: Eternal Suffering   MAP23: Lost and Found   MAP24: Losing Control (A Go 2 It-style remix of TNT: Evilution's MAP01: System Control)   MAP25: Hellspawn Fortress   MAP26: Heck on Earth (THIS SLAUGHTERMAP HAS 13 GHOST PAIN ELEMENTALS BECAUSE I'M EVIL :D :D :D)   MAP27: The Guillotines   MAP31: MIDI Music Festival   MAP32: Software Update       Thank you for reading this message and I hope you enjoy playing the beta release of "DOOM 87: The Lost World!"   D87BETA.ZIP