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3D modeling software that isn't Blender?

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I like Blender, but I feel it can be a little difficult to use. Anyone know of any other 3D modeling software? Preferably free or open source.

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11 minutes ago, Dark Pulse said:

ZBrush, but that's the same boat as 3DS Max or Maya.


Basically, it's Blender or Money.


ZBrush is a completely different beast, it is basically a sculpting tool.


Aside from the money it is more like complex and difficult to learn or just to have very basic features.

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Are you using an old version of Blender?  I know there was some legit jankiness in the past that made it more difficult to use than it should be, but as of the v2.8 series that seems to mostly be smoothed out.  It finally defaults to using left mouse to manipulate things now, like everything else under the sun (in old versions you could toggle an option, but you had to know the option was there and how to make it stick).  So I'll echo something I once saw said, if you think Blender is hard to use, it may just be because 3D modeling is not a simple task, and using a different program isn't going to help you.


If you do really want something that ticks both the "not Blender" and "Free Software" boxes, there are, like in many cases, a few obscure and oddball options in the niche, off the top of my head I know of Maverick Model 3D (a continuation fork of the no-longer-maintained Misfit Model 3D) and Wings 3D.  I'm going to hazard a guess that if you're asking on a game forum, you might want to make game models, in which case Maverick is probably the more interesting choice to you since it was designed around that and supports MD2 / MD3 formats natively, as well as having animation options which Wings doesn't.

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