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Doom Wad Station moves!

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Because of the problems I've had with web1000 redirecting people to other sites I have been forced to move the majority of the site to this new server. The index and main page are still on web1000 but now all the links on those pages are linked to the new site.
I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause some people but it was unavoidable.
the new site address is http://www.doomwadstation.suhost.com/main
if there are any questions please feel free to emai lme at interleave1@earthlink.net

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I love the openGL look - btw - that wad is just about finished - I just need to do the exit room, a few more detail things and add in the creatures and stuff - so maybe another day or two. :-)
I'm planning on putting up pictures from each of the major ports and vanilla doom2 with links to each port, etc...
It definitely looks great in Jdoom tho.

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