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How to make a secret exit in GZDoom: Doom 2 (Hexen Format)


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Since it's Doom-in-Hexen format, you'd set that up via MAPINFO.



map E1M1 "Hangar"
	levelnum = 1
	titlepatch = "WILV00"
	next = "E1M2"
	secretnext = "E1M9"
	sky1 = "SKY1"
	cluster = 1
	par = 30
	music = "D_E1M1"

Basically set up all your MAPINFO parameters appropriately, embed the MAPINFO lump into your WAD, make sure the next entry is for MAP02 and secretnext for MAP32, then you just give a line the secret exit trigger by whatever method you please (walk/switch/gun). This way the normal exit will lead to MAP02, and the secret exit to MAP32. (MAP32 would need its own entry, of course, as would any other map you have in the WAD.)


It should then work just fine.


For all the parameters, see the ZDoom Wiki. Note that not all of these need to be set - you can skip levelnum if you're using the MAPxx convention, titlepatch is not necessary if you give a map a custom name (it's really only meant if you got separate nameplate graphics). All the others are needed for a basic entry - next/secretnext assign the maps to exit to, Sky1 defines the skybox to be used, cluster is the map cluster (safe to leave at 1 if your WAD isn't episodic), par is the par time, and music is the music lump you want the level to play for music.

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