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texture alignment.

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Say for example Im making a window. The other side of the window the textures wont be aligned with the rest of the wall. With messing around I can get the upper texture aligned using the Y offset... but I figured this would also align the lower texture below the window but it remains uneven despite the upper texture being aligned perfectly. So how can I fix this as my map is near completion and i have a lot of aligning left to do :(

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Problem #2:

at the end of a corridor i made a wall with a switch. Im sure I havent done anything wrong, Ive scanned the area for errors.. but when in game, the player just walks straight through this wall. But I've checked the flags, its 1 sided linedef, impassible and there are no gaps or errors in the sector that I can see. The annoying thing is that as I was about to save it to a backup file incase it didnt work.. i clicked the save icon instead of the file menu which are insanely close and it saved over it... it means i will have to spend an hour making up for the work I've lost.

Any guesses to what I've done wrong? and if it can be fixed without re-doing it?

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