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I'm Baaaack!!!

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Hey guys Tiamats Back,

I started a new thread because I could'nt find the old one. I'm feeling better and ready to shread some cacodemons. If theres a
newer DOOM Editor out there I would like to know. DEEPsea still seems kinda ANCIENT like me LMAO. I'll be on later about 3pm Arizona Time.

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I don't think so.

If you think DeepSea looks ancient what about Doom itself?

Besides, a wad editor should be judged on it's usability, not it's looks.

Due to Doom's peculiar pseudo 3d engine the process of creating a Doom level is one of drawing 2d lines and polygons and then assigning properties such as height or texture to them.

Thos a Doom level will always look like a 2d floorplan in an editor because that's what it is! It is first in-game that the 3d appears.

Ever wondered why it is so difficult to produce rooms over rooms in Doom?

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Deepsea is the newest editor you can get. I think a new version comes out every year.

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welcome back to the boardz my main man. keep it real and i hope to chat with you soon. outzz

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