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Lost Souls don't fall

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I asked this on the Zdoom forum too, but the mystery remains...

When you kill a lost soul, it explodes, but stays at the height it was at when killed. The other floating enemies (Cacodemon & Pain Elemental) both fall as they die. The caco leaves its corpse lying, the PE explodes, releasing lost souls.

I have tried setting all sorts of bits using dehacked to emulate the Lost Soul behaviour in other exploding enemies that I have tried to create, but they always fall.


Does anyone know why the lost souls have this behaviour (ie what is it in the code that makes this happen)?


Does anyone know of a way this behaviour can be applied to other things, or even removed from the lost soul without a source code mod?

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The lost soul death function, according to ZDoom:

void ALostSoul::Die (AActor *source, AActor *inflictor)
	Super::Die (source, inflictor);
	flags |= MF_NOGRAVITY;
As you can see, it sets the no gravity property in the last statement. This is probably the special case - though I'm not sure, I think dying actors get nograv disabled by default somehow.

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Hey, thanks Fredrik, that does indeed look like it's probably the answer.

I'll maybe try the new Zdoom "NoGravity" pointer in the death sequence of my monsters after the "Fall" pointer and see if I can emulate the effect. I'll also try the "Gravity" pointer purely out of interest to see if I can force the dying souls to fall.

Thanks again.

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Ultraviolet said:

"My oh my, what a nice name for a gothband..." :P

He he, yup music to slit your wrists to right enough. Bring on that Goth angst.

Feel the pain of a truly dark heart. :-)

Anyway, back to the point. I tried the pointers, and got the effects I was looking for. To save typing it again, if anyone is interested, here's the Zdoom thread with the results:


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