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Mafia Definitive Edition

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I only just now saw that an official remake of the first Mafia game, arguably the best entry, is coming next month. While that's great news, it makes me concerned for the original game on Steam. I heard it's had problems staying on the store in the past, and given how remasters usually go on Steam (with originals being delisted) this is a PSA to buy the original now before it gets delisted in the event it does. It's only $15 and well worth it.

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I'm a little more ticked that owners of the originals when they were announced didn't get it for free like Mafia II/III. Admittedly, given the age of the first game, I could understand that, but hell, we don't even get a loyalty discount. Literally the most I could save is forty cents for buying the trilogy... which I literally own the other two games of. How about making it twenty bucks or whatever? Even thirty would be alright.


Meanwhile, all the people that owned Saints Row II PC will eventually get that un-fucked and fixed-up version 100% free whenever the heck Volition releases that. (Haven't heard much about it since they found the source code about a year ago.)

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