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Mr.S Retro

[Realm 665] A DeHackEd port of realm 667

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Hello, welcome. I am hoping to start a project and get some help with porting the entirety of realm 667 to boom DeHackEd.

I am creating this so boom map makers who aren't good at DeHackEd will have all of realm 667 at their fingertips.


Anyone may pitch-in but there are a few guidlines:


  • Do not edit any states that are not within the current thing's states.

        Example: If editing the Imp you can edit the imp and imp fireball states aswell as the imp corpse states. If editing the plasma rifle you may edit the plasma rifle weapon/projectile/pickup/cellammo states, no other states as not to interfere with other entries in the "repository"


  • Do not use unused states. This will prevent states being overwritten by other entries.
  • Use the info.txt format shown in my example for easy sorting

     Please feel free to add as many entries as you like, there is no limit per-person.

               Realm665 Repository

     Current amount of entries: 9

     Info example:

Name: 40mm Grenade Launcher
Slot: 5 //Tells you what weapon this replaces(Slot1,Fist|Slot1.5,Chainsaw|Slot2,Pistol|Slot3,Shotgun|Slot3.5,SSG|Slot4,Chaingun|Slot5,Rocket Launcher|Slot6,Plasma Rifle|Slot7,BFG)
Type: Projectile
Ammotype: 40mmGrenades
Ammomax: 50/100
Brightmaps: No
Notes: Vanilla Cyberdemon will also launch grenades. Grenades have a half second delay after impact before exploding.


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