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The Lost Souls that could have been

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I have been noticing the a comercial for Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and notice tht one of the characters has a ghostly flaming skull attack. Here are some pic and a 2.3MB 15 sec movie:




Up to now I had not had an issue with the cyber heads, then I saw the comercial above and thougt why could they have not gone and done it that way except of course for the green color.

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Those skulls look quite cool, but also a bit too cartoonish for Doom3. I like the Lost Souls seen in the E3 video better, as well as the concept sketch of the mechanical female demon head (whatever monster that´s supposed to be).

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Well of course it would have to be tweaked. The skull would have to be white or grey with some translucency and make the flame normal fire color. Although a red skull could be interesting.

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