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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 47 - The one where Phoebe commits vehicular manslaughter!

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Last months thing.

Hello Friends!  It is time once again for Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: the show where we cannot take ourselves seriously for more than five seconds otherwise the explosives go off.

I gave a pretty good explanation of the series which was reintroduced last month in last months thread, so let me just redirect you over to the above posted if you have questions about the concept.  Two hours to make maps surrounding a given theme, a compilation of all the maps at some point (but never ask when, lest you delay it), and lots of laughs and good times and memes to be had.  We will be using a rolling list of themes with ones that got picked for the previous session being replaced by suggestions from you, the participants!

This months edition will be held the weekend of September 17-19, with dates to be determined, but leaning towards Early Saturday and Late Saturday, with sessions twelve hours apart.

If you have questions, want to suggest a better time, or just want to clutter your discord feed up more because you are into that kinky shit, please visit us at https://discord.gg/YwE7jGU

Thank you and enjoy your ASS.

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2 hours ago, TMD said:

This months edition will be held the weekend of September 17-19


Presumably you actually mean September 19-20?

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Sessions will be held at 9 am and 9 pm Eastern Time on Saturday, September 19th.


Timer coming up tonight

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My dumb ass fucked my own timezones up and made the countdown say stuff starts in an hour.

Additionally, only two people are here.  So we are doing this in an hour

Please see below for text.

DrDoctor textures for ASS47.zip

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Draw was:
3 and 10.
3. Skyfloor extravaganza
10.  lines all >64 length

Two hours start now

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