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WADs That Aren't Serious

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Do any of you know any good WADs that don't take themselves seriously? For instance: having maps based around a more lighthearted theme?


So far I can only think of Pirate Doom, Krazy Kasino, Back to Thunder Road and Lilywhite Lilith that I've played. I'd like to hear of some others to your knowledge because I'd like to take a break from the grittier stylised Doom WADs, as well as gather some ideas.

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Action doom, Russian Overkill, The long dead Team Fortress Doom, Isabelle follower.... Theres plenty if you know where to look.

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There's plenty of goofy gimmick WADs but specifically 50 Shades of Graytall and The Sky May Be come to mind. Obviously there's also NUTS. There's also the entire genre of Terry WADs if that's your thing

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The Community Is Falling series by Kaiser. First two are pretty short and will take you about 30-40 minutes each. The third is the jokewad to end all jokewads - basically a full scale total conversion that will take several hours to get through. Be warned though, the whole series is pure memes.

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Kama Sutra pretty much.
Its really un-serious but at the same time offers a serious treat to anyone who plays it.
Would love to see more of this kind. 

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Pretty much everything everything everyone else already said plus some others:


DBP Projects (highly recommend)

Kama Sutra

Rowdy Rudy series

Ray Mohawk series

Epic series

Void and Rainbow, especially the end

Torment and Torture has a Mario secret

Super Mayhem 17, Mario themed

Action Doom series



Ancient Aliens

Going Down

Pirate Doom

Golden Souls series

Adventures of Square

Hocus Pocus Doom

The Alfonzone

Jazz Jackrabbit Doom

Lost Civilization


I'll post more when I go through my wad collection.

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I'm going to shill for this because I think it has a lot of potential: Doom 87 by @DCG Retrowave is an in progress wad that has a very light hearted atmosphere.


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I guess Skyewood would apply as well? Just played it for the miniWAD thread, and it definitely doesn't take itself seriously!

Edited by klaymeb : added link

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'Verse Hopper


This is a community project I helped worked on with a variety of themes, including malls infested by evil toys, alien planets, etc.


Edit: Forgot about Mr. Friendly by JP LeBreton.

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