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My first maps uploaded on Doomworld.com

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Hello! I want to present my first two GOOD maps for doom 2... In the folder you will find two wads: AbandonedLaboratory.wad and goodwad.wad... 
Take a quick look at the screenshots: (first three are for AbandonedLabolatory.wad, and the next three are for goodwad.wad)
I tested the maps on GZDoom. Maps do not need crouching, jumping, freelooking, specific compatibility settings, software or hardware rendering. I play it on basic doom 2... Each map starts at map Map01. As I said on start there's single levels for each wad. Maps are easy (not like plutonia). 


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You posted it to the right forum. I don't think Abandoned Laboratory was really worth publishing, it's not interesting at all.

The other map is a significant improvement, though you still need to learn to unpeg textures around windows and maybe not tile spines vertically in such a way that 1,5 of the spine is displayed, it looks bad. Maybe try adding some verticality to your next map, it feels like I never changed the height.

Overall, it's not bad for, I guess, second map?

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Both maps are pretty standard beginner mapper efforts: Flat, boxy, cramped rooms with limited texturing, haphazard demon placement and odd weapon distribution with very basic layouts and progression and dull combat. I'm very much in agreement with ViolentBeetle: First map's nothing to write home about and the second one shows a good step in the right direction. I would add that you should think more about spacing. Cramped spaces can be okay when done with some sense of purpose and used sparingly, but otherwise, Doom's combat works best when there's more wiggle room for both the player and the demons so that it flows much better and is more fun. Also, think more about height variation and how you can jazz up the map's layout into something more interesting to explore and fight in, take the time to really develop a theme for your map so you can use the textures to design something more cohesive and cool.


Also, familiarise yourself with how the different demons behave in different shaped environments and how their placement and abilities can be used to your advantage to challenge the the player. An example I feel a lot of new mappers seem to get wrong in demon placement is the Cacodemon. Putting my beloved Cacoboy in small cramped spaces really doesn't put him to good use, it doesn't play to his strengths. He's a flying type and works way better in more spacious areas with greater heights that allow him to float around and sneak up on the player and reign hellfire from above.



Study up and play lots of WADs, both from the community and the original games and keep practicing. Oh and welcome to Doomworld, fam. :^) 

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