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Man of Doom

Post your demon-killing strats here for maximum demon-killing efficiency

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So during my time playing Doom Eternal, I've since come to formulate strategies on how to kill demons as efficiently as possible with as much net gain involved. Though these strats are how I've since come to use them, I've also discovered alternative methods though I still have yet to prove them as viable. I mean, we've all heard of the Marauder strategy of the SSG/Ballista one-two punch, but I figured it's not just the Marauder that requires a strategy.

These strats assume that a fully-loaded Slayer is involved, though I'm still working on how to formulate strategies on what to use for a Slayer that isn't nearly as fully-loaded (case in point, early-game Ultra-Nightmare runs).



Fodder Demons (Zombie, Imp, Soldier, Gargoyle)- to be used more as farming for ammo, armor, or even health in case of emergencies. Gargoyles are to be prioritized as they tend to lead their shots in the exact same fashion as the Doom 2016 Imp.

Maykr Drone- while the Precision Bolt headshot is often used as a strategy, a Sticky Bomb can also be used as well as a Super Shotgun w/Meathook blast is required (though you can use Chrono Strike for the latter if you're having a particularly hard time hitting their head). Their head is about as hardy as the Arachnotron's turret.


Prowler- An SSG/Meathook combo is highly recommended to instagib them.


Pinky/Spectre- A Blood Punch is more than enough to do them in.


Carcass- They're surprisingly weak against their own shield and are surprisingly squishy in general, though I'm still working on a definitive strat.


Hell Knight- A Lock-On Burst is more than enough to instagib them. Plus, a Mobile Turret can significantly slow them down.


Whiplash- A Lock-On Burst can instagib them, and an Arbalest shot is enough to stagger them for a glory kill (though this can be tricky to pull off as their hitboxes are surprisingly small).


Revenant- Natch as the Hell Knight or Whiplash, though with the added benefit of shooting off both their turrets with a Heat Blast to render them a melee-only enemy.


Arachnotron- Lock-On Burst to stagger them for the glory kill or finish them off with an SSG/Meathook blast (Chrono Strike isn't necessary as they're pretty large).


Dread Knight- Same as the Arachnotron, though they tend to be slightly hardier. Additionally, you can use the Mobile Turret to enforce social distancing rules.


Mancubus- Lock-On Burst to knock out at least one of their cannons, then SSG them with a side of Meathook to finish them off.


Cyber Mancubus- Ice Bomb them, Blood Punch their armor off, and then go for a regular SSG blast.


Cacodemon- The Sticky Bomb to the mouth tactic is always a go-to though it can be tricky to hit their mouth specifically, and a fully-charged Arbalest shot should one-hit them.


Pain Elemental- Two charged Arbalest shots should be enough to either stagger them for a glory kill or just straight-up gib them.


Marauder- You've all heard the same song and dance, and there was that whole "lob an ice bomb over their shield to Lock-On Burst them twice" but that's most likely been patched out.


Doomhunter- To take out their sled which is when they're at their hardiest so that you don't have to waste plasma cells, Ice Bomb them, Blood Punch their sled *specifically* or else it won't work, and then follow up with an SSG blast to the sled. This should take out their sled, and they're surprisingly no tougher than maybe like the Hell Knight without it. They're still not to be messed with as their arm cannon can still do a potent amount of damage.


Baron of Hell/Tyrant- The Baron is faster but takes way longer to telegraph its attacks while the Tyrant is essentially a walking meat turret. You can essentially use them to farm armor with the SSG/Meathook combo if you're in need of armor, but just exercise more caution with the Baron. Currently still workshopping a more definitive strat for both of these as they tend to be marathon mini-bosses more than anything.

Arch-Vile- Instead of just whipping out the Crucible, you can Lock-On Burst them twice and then follow up with an SSG/Meathook combo to put them down for good. However, you have to do this at the exact moment they spawn in or Lock-On Burst won't work on them (this seems to be a bug as it's unlikely that id caught on to this strat like they did with the "Ice Bomb Marauder" strat).


Doomhunter (Boss)- As the Ice Bomb won't work on them, you'll have to prioritize their sled anyway by inflicting as much damage on it as possible (only the upper section is rendered invulnerable unless you knock out its shield and said shield takes a surprisingly short time to recharge). Currently still workshopping a strat even though he's a cross between a rush boss and a marathon boss.


Gladiator- The first phase is surprisingly easy to take care of as it's basically the exact same thing as the Marauder strat (frag grenade and all, just with a bigger and slower enemy). The second phase will obviously need way more attention, as you'll need to keep your distance while his energy shield his up. During his wave attack though, he's completely open to attacks so that means use either the Mobile Turret or the Lock-On Burst. Keep using frag grenades to deal bonus damage as he's more of a marathon boss.


Khan Maykr- not only can you get a freebie off of her with a BFG shot as there's one Argent cell in the arena, you can use the Archvile strat (two Lock-Ons, one SSG blast) to essentially Worldstar her for each phase. Just be sure to either chainsaw or headshot the Maykr Drones to get more ammo as you will need it. Don't let the multiple phases intimidate you as she tends to be more of a rush boss than anything, and not much of her attacks seem to vary between phases.

Icon of Sin- Like the Gladiator, he's definitely more of a SNK boss than anything, and it doesn't help that he definitely qualifies as a literal Kaiju. During the first phase, there are about 2-3 Argent cell charges in the arena so you might want to use those to get a few freebies off of him, but remember to keep two BFG charges in reserve as you will need them for the second phase. As for everything else, explosive-type weapons tend to work surprisingly well on him (from rockets to Sticky Bombs to Micro Missiles to Heat Blast). Rinse and repeat with the second phase, and you can even expend all of your BFG shots as it's the end of the game (though make sure that all BFG shots physically land on his body in both phases or else they won't count). As for the various monsters in the arena, just go ahead and Crucible any Heavy Demons/Super Heavy Demons you might come across as Crucible charges do actually respawn along with the Blood Punch charges (particularly Pain Elementals, Barons, Mancubi/Cyber-Mancubi, you get the idea).



And lastly, here are some miscellaneous notes:

  • Marathon boss translates to "requires a significant amount of time to defeat due to a combination of varied attacks, multiple phases, and being a massive damage sponge in general (AKA WHY WON'T YOU DIE)", rush boss translates to "relatively easy to take down but also has the ability to easily take you down (AKA glass cannon)", and SNK boss translates to "what if a marathon boss could just literally yeet you out of existence by one hitting your armor and then your health with one or two attacks (AKA basically just the Icon of Sin)".
  • When Ice Bombing a demon (especially a Heavy Demon), be sure to have the Praetor Suit perk that ensures increases damage while frozen.
  • The Micro Missiles can even be buffed for a short period of time by just killing any enemy with the vanilla bullets, and a mastered Heat Blast will lead to buffed vanilla shots from the Plasma Rifle for a similar period of time.
  • For the Meathook, make sure that full mastery (Flaming Hook) is acquired as soon as humanly possible so you can get armor off of kills or even wounds (kills in particular just spill out an extremely large amount of armor).
  • Speaking of the Meathook, if you find that a staggered demon isn't quite in range for a glory kill, just go ahead and close the distance (and even get some more armor out of it).
  • No, "just Crucible/BFG them lol" doesn't really count as a strat since since the Crucible is meant more as an emergency "silver bullet" weapon to get out of a tight spot, and the same goes for the BFG which is more of a situational emergency weapon. Plus, the Crucible is meant for only one enemy and can easily lead to "get down Mr. President" scenarios if overused (AKA WHY DID THAT IMP GET IN FRONT OF THAT TYRANT AAAAA), whereas the BFG is meant for large crowds and isn't usually powerful enough to one-hit Super Heavy Demons alone unless you maybe like score a direct hit on them and even that won't guarantee a kill (apparently, Arch-Viles can actually tank a direct BFG shot). It's also worth noting that the Doomhunter actually requires two Crucible hits to take down (one to take out their sled, the other to take out the rest of them).
  • If you have three chainsaw pips and you're running low on ammo, be sure to use the chainsaw on a Heavy Demon as just chainsawing three Fodder Demons is largely wasteful as you only have short period of time to pick up all that ammo. Remember, you can never have enough health or armor, but you can have enough ammo.
  • Cueballs are critical in taking out Heavy Demons especially if you're not fully-loaded, the locations of Buff Totems need to be memorized otherwise the fight will result in a faster death, and the locations of Tentacles need to be memorized if they're submerged in that purple ooze (otherwise they're largely annoyances that can be easily chainsawed or otherwise easily killed).


Anywho, these are my own strats for efficiently killing various demon types.

And like the thread says, feel free to post your own demon-killing strats as I'd certainly love to hear them!

Edited by Man of Doom

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Note that I'm using Nightmare difficulty as a reference here. Other modes may yield different results


Maykr Drones - I like to often meathook/SSG them as you said, but on the Khan Maykr fight, where they're all the more necessary to kill now that Khan dropping health has been patched out, I use an uncharged Arbalest blast at semi close range to the head.


Carcass and Shield Soldiers - I always shoot their shields with the plasma rifle, as when it explodes it does huge damage to any demons nearby. It's pretty much always enough at the very least to stagger a Carcass, but will easily kill Soldiers.


Whiplash - I found that a well placed frag, followed by a single rocket, will stagger them. Oddly enough though, a freeze bomb and a rocket will not.


Revenant - The only time I ever take out their rocket canons is where it's required as a challenge. Pretty much any other time I rocket barrage them.


Arachnotron - Surprised since you mentioned particularly early on with limited weapons you didn't mention Combat Shotgun in Full Auto. It will easily finish them off if their turret is shot, or even outright kill them when it's not if you get the jump on them before they fire it. There are actually at least two places in Hell on Earth where you can pull off the latter. When you take the big jump down off the monkey bar early on, where the very first one jumps up on a ledge, then the one that appears in the little room off the side of the mall where the last set of auto cannons are firing.


Mancubus  - These I like to toss a frag then rocket barrage to stagger or kill, (depending on regular or Cyber), or freeze and blood punch. I alternate to let either frag or freeze cooldown.


Cacodemon - Usually the Sticky, then glory kill method, but keep in mind, early on it's possible to run out of sticky ammo. In that case, a frag does the same.


Doomhunter (including bosses) - These guys are cake with a fully upgraded and mastered plasma rifle. They can literally be taken off their sled in less than 20 sec. Blood punch of course expedites this, but I have also found where you have the left side glory kill challenge, after taking them off their sled it helps immensely to whittle them down with the shield chaingun, to bring them to stagger state without killing them or taking damage.


Barons/Tyrants - I keep a distance from Barons and weaken them with rocket barrages, charged arbalest shots, etc. Tyrants are slow and clumsy though, and can even be taken to stagger state with a frag, couple rocket barrages, blood punch, then pummeling with plasma rifle, using heat blast as it gets hot to keep them from attacking. Not sure I would recommend that for UN though, as you risk huge damage being close to them.


Archvile - I like to freeze, then blood punch, then rocket barrage them. At times though, a good BFG blast, as long as it's not in front of their shield, is best. 


Note that sometimes, to save BFG ammo, I will finish off Barons, Tyrants, Archviles, or Doomhunters with quick switching between SSG and Ballista.


Gladiator - I find, as many have shown, it's best to stand behind him after staggering him with an eye flash shot ( I use Ballista) with frags ready to drop just as his stagger state disappears. It appears he's invulnerable to it otherwise. Getting in rocket barrages during this small window helps a lot too. For 2nd phase, I find it's actually easier (as long as you don't fire at his shield when it's up), because there are long segments where he's open to rocket barrages and SSG/Ballista combos with no shield. If you DO happen to shoot his shield though, just jump the electric rope while rocket barraging him. You will have ammo for this if you chainsaw fodders as need be.


Khan Maykr - I've gone to using fully upgraded and mastered micro missiles on her. Sure, many say rocket barrages take her down quicker, but it can be difficult to maintain lock at times, especially when moving to avoid the fire. I easily beat her in under 2 min on Nightmare this way, using Ballista headshots on drones when need be. I also absolutely DO NOT use the BFG on here. Instead I pick up the ammo and save it for Icon of Sin.


Icon of Sin - My method now for him is to first, take in a fully loaded BFG, 2nd, go immediately to top, front, left level to jump off the jump pad. This assures a close, accurate shot, usually on the head first. I use this jump not just to fire the first BFG shot, but to jump across to the middle top front platform to immediately fire the 2nd BFG shot to one of his pecs. From that same spot I immediately switch to mobile turret to take out his other pec. This usually requires jumping to lower level to refill Chaingun ammo with fodders, heading to the back of the area to get other pickups if need be (crucible ammo) and also to dodge his deadly punch, then coming forward to finish off that pec with mobile turret. I then go back to top left front and this time fire the BFG at his right shoulder, immediately jump back to far left to get the BFG ammo, then jump down to lower level while firing the BFG at his abs. This leaves just his arms. I then move to back left lower, picking up any ammo as needed, and fire the mobile turret at his left arm. I then go out on the lower floor collecting ammo from fodders after emptying the mobile turret on his left arm. Then I take the lower far right jump pad up to the top and finish off his left shoulder with mobile turret, and SSG/Ballista combos. I then move immediately to the top back to go across to the left and move in close one more time on top left front to micro missile (and finish off) his forearm. This leaves just the left forearm, but by now it's a good idea to drop down to the middle level, take out any heavies there with Crucible, and pick up the huge armor cache just to make sure you don't get taken out before finishing this phase. I then drop down to the lower level, head to the far left jump pad, go back up to the top and use any mobile turret ammo left on the left forearm, and finish it off with SSG/Ballista combos. I then drop down to the handy large health cache just below the top front right corner area, before heading out. From there you can head to the back left middle level via a monkey bar, and take out any remaining heavies with the crucible. This assures being able to have uncontested time to pick up any ammo via fodders, crucible argent, gas cans, and even the mega health you can jump to via the top back middle monkey bar. This can all be done in about 3 min, and with minimal interference from heavies, as the top level BFG shots take them out, and constantly moving front, back, and side to side, while using jump pads to go back to the top keep them from catching you as well.


The 2nd phase is very much like the first, except using the starting area to fire a head and pec shot, then the front left jump pad to get in the other pec shot, all with the BFG only. The abs is the one other BFG shot taken from the center platform just below the mega health. I also finish off the head if need be with SSG/Ballista combos from there. I then switch to mobile turret as he moves to his right pummeling the left shoulder, dropping down to front lower level for cover. That same lower front left jump pad helps to jump back up to mid level to finish it off. I then go up top rear after picking up health at middle rear, and put in some more mobile turret fire on his right shoulder. By now he's raging with mortar attacks, so I head under cover and take out any heavies down there. After the mortar strike is over I head back to that platform under the mega health and pummel his arms more with the mobile turret, jumping down to the left to finish off the right shoulder with SSG/Ballista combos. I then go to front left lower moving to the right staying behind the wall there momentarily until his head canon barrage is over, then move sideways across in front of him to finish off his left forearm and abs with micro missiles. It is often necessary to take more cover, kill more heavies, and farm more fodders at this point, as well as move to the lower middle back to pick up another health cache. It's also a good idea to at this point take the jump pad across to the mega health to ensure you can finish him off without any trouble. From there I circle around to the lower right front to use mobile turret, then finish him off using the front left lower jump pad to jump across and fire more ballista and/or combo rounds. This second phase can be done in roughly 7 min no problem, even without a lot of problem from heavies if you stay on the move.



(Skip to 22:36 for the Icon of Sin boss fight)


(Skip to 14:22 to see Tyrant taken out in 13 sec with above described method. Also in 24 sec at 16:53 via Sticky bomb, charged plasma rifle, and blood punch)





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Carcass- They're surprisingly weak against their own shield and are surprisingly squishy in general, though I'm still working on a definitive strat.


Just like the shield zombies, I use the carcasses shields as a weapon. I try and lead myself into an area where there are multiple threats, wait for the shield to appear, then destroy it and damage a lot of enemies in one go.

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I play Nightmare on PS4 so I try to have a few different methods for each enemy but I also usually have go-to’s for different types. I also can’t use the Precision bolt at all, despite my aim with the raw Ballista being okay...


Maykr Drone- raw Ballista to the face, or locked on rockets if I don’t have the time and just want them dead. During the Kahn Maykr fight, it’s only Ballista, and I chuck Ice Bombs when needed if they’re particularly squirrely or they’re grouped together. Headshots when they’re frozen will still drop ammo and health. The Equipment Fiend rune helps here.


Prowler- Yup, meathook + SSG


Pinky/Spectre- Blood Punch is great, if available. I’ll also use an ice bomb and SSG their ass. A well-placed frag will stumble them and should give you enough time to dash behind and get off a shot as well.


Carcass- As others have said, Plasma Rifle their shield. I’ll also lock on burst them if I already have it out in a hectic arena and I can maneuver around their shield.


Shielded Soldiers- Plasma Rifle or Meathook+SSG or chainsaw


Hell Knight- In the early game, two sticky bombs and a full Micro Missile volley usually kills them (if not a couple extra shots from the Heavy Cannon will do, which is easy to do by holding primary fire and releasing secondary when Micro missiles runs out). Later game, I’ll usually lock-on burst them or SSG+Ballista if I have it out and don't feel like switching to rockets.


Whiplash-  Lock-On burst is my goto, but if I’m on something else and don't feel like switching (like SSG+Ballista), I’ll ice bomb them and cook ‘em with the combo


Revenant- Early game, I’ll try to sticky their turrets, or just plasma rifle to dent them/charge heat blast, and the use the heat blast to knock ‘em off, then quick swap to another weapon (usually shotgun) so the down-time isn't too long. Later on I use lock-on burst.


Arachnotron- Early game, I chainsaw a lot of these guys (I chainsaw two on Hell on Earth, and one in Exultia). If I’m not chainsawing them, I’ll sticky their turret, place one or two more on their body and use Micro Missiles or Plasma Rifle with the toss of a frag. Later on I mostly lock-on burst them then glory kill (or shoot them if it’s not safe).


Dread Knight- lock-on burst and glory kill/shoot


Mancubus- Before I get the lock-on burst, I either chainsaw them the instant they spawn (otherwise I’ll ice bomb them) to bypass their area attack. If I don't have 3 gas cans, I’ll knock off their weakpoints with either stickies or precision bolt and use Plasma Rifle with frags to keep them locked down, or just raw rocket them (mostly in that one arena after you get the RL). Later on, I Lock-On Burst them then glory kill/shoot.


Cyber Mancubus- Ice Bomb (or frag them to stagger), then Blood Punch and SSG, or I may just lock-on burst them twice, and I thick one rocket after this kill them.


Cacodemon- I either use stickies or frags in the early game, or Arbalest once I get it. I’ll also use locked on rockets if i’m already on it in a hectic area and don’t want to switch/charge arbalest.


Pain Elemental- Arbalest shots or locked on bursts.


Marauder- I run away, dodge his projectiles and let him come to me, wait for his eyes to turn green and Ballista+SSG+Ballista combo him and repeat.


Doomhunter (non-boss)- ice bomb (or frag to stagger), blood punch their sled and SSG their sled to destroy it, then lock-on burst + glory kill/shoot. If I don’t have a blood punch (and their isn’t much fodder around to farm one), I’ll raw rocket+ballista combo their sled from a distance, or SSG+ballista combo their sled if I have to be a bit closer (but out of range of their melee atack).


Baron of Hell- I usually Ice Bomb, swap to Mobile Turret, and lay down a couple of frags as I’m blasting them. This melts them quickly, and usually makes it so they don't have a chance of hitting you, you just need to keep moving and jumping so other demons nearby won’t. If there are a lot of heavies nearby, I may use the crucible, which I do use against both of them on that third teleporter ring arena (the yellow one)  in urdak.


Tyrant- These guys aren’t that dangerous, but they take way too long to kill, and there’s usually other things in the arena that I need to focus my bullets on. If all goes to plan, I crucible every one of these (except for one of the two that appear on the second buff totem arena in Final Sin, but with my strat, all that’s pretty much left during this one (after using the crucible on the other) is fodder, so I just lock on burst him as I run around and get armor/ammo off fodder.

Archvile- If i don’t want to use the crucible/BFG, I’ll throw an ice bomb, lock-on rockets, frag, lock-on rockets. This will kill him if his shield isn't up and it freezes him, and will kill him if the shield is up as the ice bomb disables it and the other hits falter him enough to not make him a threat. If all goes to plan though, I only do this on the first one. I BFG the second one on Taras Nabad, and crucible every one after.


Doomhunter (Boss)- Plasma rifle from a distance (to avoid his melee) and toss a frag. When heat blast is fully charged, I let it rip, then quickswap to SSG (already queued) and shoot his shield. I may run around and replenish supplies at this time, otherwise, I’ll just repeat. In the second stage where there are two, I try to separate them, and take them each off their sleds and then try to weaken them somewhat evenly (because once you kill one a lot of harder enemies spawn into the arena, so I try to have as little time between their deaths as possible).


Gladiator- first stage is easy. I just stay on SSG+Ballista and shoot him when his eyes are green and melee him when he’s flashing. When he goes for his slow overhead attack, i dodge right, but dodge left for all other attacks. Second stage is tough. I usually stay on SSG+Ballista. When his spinning shield goes down (and he’s far away), I’ll Ballista him when his eyes are green, then meathook+SSG or chainsaw fodder, wait for his health bar to go back to red and SSG+Ballista combo him while i can. I save ice bombs and frags for annoying fodder (like when he spawns in the prowlers and gargoyles). I then usually swap to ballista and try to shoot him periodically to hopefully stagger him if you catch him in mid-attack. If he’s doing his shield and charging you down, I use the Energy Shield to block his first attack and then dodge right to avoid his second. I also like using energy shield during his rope/wave attack, and while it doesn't stop your from getting hit by those waves, and a mobile turret does more damage, the energy shield should protect you from the fodder shooting at you while you’re in there. If there isn't any fodder around, I’ll use lock-on burst to do more damage against him. Finally, when he charges me after this, and stumbles after he hits the wall, i usually take this time to meathook+SSG/chainsaw fodder as quickly as I can. Also, if you guys didn’t know, your BFG ammo refills when you start the second stage, as well as when you return to the Fortress of Doom, so you get two free BFG shots against him, though I don’t find them particularly useful/damaging, so one console I don’t bother bringing up the weapon wheel to swap to it.


Kahn Maykr- In the rest of the game, I’ll use Air Control, Blood Fueled, and Equipment Fiend runes, but against her, I swap out Blood Fueled for Chrono Strike as it helps to give extra control when dodging her attacks mid-air or giving you more time to make sure you land on the higher platforms, or somewhere that’s not on fire. When she screams “so long” (I think that’s what she says anyway), I run like hell as there’s a fast tracking beam from the heavens that follows you around for like 9 seconds. I use lock-on burst against her, then swap to meathook to punch her when weakened, i then swap to Ballista and run around while trying to stay safe and headshot one of her drones when i have a chance. As mentioned, I use ice bombs as often as i can to freeze them (especially if they’re together, but not always) and make life easier on myself.


Icon of Sin- I basically just try to replicate this strat (though I can’t do it without getting hit): 



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13 hours ago, Mattatsu said:

Icon of Sin- I basically just try to replicate this strat (though I can’t do it without getting hit): 



I am in utter awe.

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32 minutes ago, thewormofautumn said:

especially impressive on a console, though the weapon switching is weird... switches between multiple weapons with no weapon wheel? How do you do that on console?

I think he brings up the weapon wheel but does it like ridiculously quick. Like the instant the wheel is active, he selects his weapon and lets go of the wheel. He’s definitely practiced the precise timing. He’s got it down to frames.


Also, if you tap the weapon wheel button, it cycles back to your last weapon, so this is how he’s quick-swapping between ballista and rocket launcher.

Edited by Mattatsu

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10 hours ago, Mattatsu said:

Also, if you tap the weapon wheel button, it cycles back to your last weapon, so this is how he’s quick-swapping between ballista and rocket launcher.


That part I get,... watched the video again and indeed he/she is super quick with bringing up that wheel. 

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On 9/12/2020 at 2:50 PM, Frag Maniac said:



On 9/13/2020 at 7:50 AM, Mattatsu said:



Huh, so there's quite a lot of strategies I actually hadn't thought of, like the uncharged Ballista headshot for the Maykr Drones or that Ice Bomb combo attack for the Archvile (especially since that two Lock-On Burst/SSG combo I keep trying seems to bug out occasionally). And yeah, using the Carcass/Shield Soldiers energy shields as essentially explosive barrels does pretty much go without saying.


As for that Arachnotron full-auto strat, I actually have used it in the past during UNM runs thinking it was some kind of high-risk high-reward deal especially given one has to hit every shot, but I didn't really think of using a frag grenade to stagger it let alone employ the element of surprise in levels like Hell on Earth. Usually, I just opt to chainsaw them whenever I can (namely during both the first encounter and the last encounter).


As for the boss variant of the Doomhunter, I'm thinking to primarily target the sled with things like Sticky Bombs or frag grenades as that's the component that will take damage without the requirement of exploding its shield.

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13 hours ago, Man of Doom said:

As for the boss variant of the Doomhunter, I'm thinking to primarily target the sled with things like Sticky Bombs or frag grenades as that's the component that will take damage without the requirement of exploding its shield.


Honestly, the single most effective weapon against Doom Hunter Bosses, other than Blood Punch, is a fully upgraded and Mastered Plasma rifle. Last time I played that mission on Nightmare I averaged like 19 seconds to take them off their sleds. I also find it's best to take each off their sled before trying to finish them off. They are easier to isolate that way. Too many times while trying to finish off the first one I de-sledded, the other ganged up on me with him by blindsiding me, and killed me. So for UNM especially, I highly recommend de-sledding both first. It also gives you time to recoup health & ammo.


(Skip to the 27:00 mark to see the boss fight)


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