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Does 'Carry' Not Work On Monsters?


I tried using a method for teleporting monsters when the player walks over a trigger line, it activates a door, letting enemies be carried over a line to teleport them using the 'carry' function. But for some reason it doesn't affect them at all, does it not work on monsters? I've used this in the past with dummy players and it works fine.

Strong wind doesn't work either.

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The ZDooM wiki specifically reference "actors", which include monsters. There are some limitations of a Carrying Sector, including that flying enemies like lost souls and cacodemons will not be moved.


In addition, when using the Scroll Floor special, you'll need to set the appropriate argument value for "type" to ensure enemies are carried.


It's been a while since I used wind and water currents, so I forget how they behave when it comes to enemies (but I believe they affect them in the same way they affect players). [EDIT: Current defined with Sector_SetCurrent ..... have full forces for actors on the floor or underwater.]

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