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Responding to GmanLives' Unity Doom video (Removed)

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51 minutes ago, sluggard said:

I wasn't trying to defend anybody, nor was I trying to cancel anybody, but nice try.


Sorry, Slug, but i didn't wrote that on reference to anybody that post here, my comment was mostly by the reaction to most of his followers on youtube.
Don't know what on my comment made you feel it was targeted to you, but sorry, that wasn't the intention at all. Maybe my use of words made you think i was quoting you on an allusive way, but no, sorry. I might use some words by you on my comment just because i was reading all the comments before the one i made and some words still were in my mind.
I made the comment for the only reason that, looking from the outside, the thread was all about his bad behaviour, and i felt that, certainly, that could be mistaken with harrasment and ''making toxic comments''.
The thread, at the point i made the comment, was long outlived the original intention of it, at least for me.

Again, i had nothing against you.

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I'm going to give props to gmanlives for removing his video because it really was chock full of misinformation. I don't think it was just Doomkid's response that did it of course, he was getting filleted in the comments section for his lack of research.


I'm not a big fan of his videos but anyone willing to admit their mistakes and take down misinformation is OK in my book.

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The guy was a bit too much for me with his anti-sjw comments he’d sparkle in his reviews. Stopped watching his stuff after that the racist FPS games episode.

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