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Need to know how to change difficulty names

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Hello, I'm doing my first megawad and I was thinking about changing the names of the difficulty settings with classic thrash metal album names. ITYTD becomes Killing is my business, HNTR becomes Feel The Fire,  HMP becomes Hell Awaits and UV becomes Game Over. Now the thing is: how the hell do I change the difficulty names? I read somewhere that I need to change a specific line in the dehacked  file, but I can't find the correct line. Someone else said that I can just change the graphics in SLADE. Again, no graphics found. Please, help this poor metalhead.



I am making the maps with doombuilder2, using Doom2 assets in Doom(Hexen Format). I am playtesting it with Zdoom, GZdoom and Zandronum. I am using SLADE3 to add custom music, custom map names and custom main menu graphics. I have also put a dehacked file into the wad for map names complete change. I aim to make a wad that is compatible with the vast majority of source ports, but because I am a newcomer in the  mapping scene, it is possible that I have done something not vanilla compatible without even noticing.

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It's all well and good that you want to do this, but there are different ways to do this depending on which source port you are aiming this at.


one of the original DOOM games, DOOM or DOOM2






etc. ????


It is always good to give a complete set of information when asking for help.

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To change difficulty names for vanilla you need to replace the graphics M_HURT, M_JKILL, M_ROUGH, M_ULTRA and M_NMARE


To make your map work on most ports change the format to Doom (Doom Format)


If you want to go 100% vanilla compatible you may also test it on the original game (or Chocolate Doom) and deal with whatever Visplane Overflow, Tutti Frutti or other vanilla limits/bugs/crashes that may happen.

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Thank you for your suggestion  but I can't find those graphics in my wad. Here you can see all the files inside.


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You'll need to look for the graphic names mentioned in your doom2.wad, not in your custom wad. Pretty sure including identically named graphics in your custom wad will cause the game to use your variation over the stock ones, if I remember correctly.


You should be able to find the menu font contents just by doing an image websearch (I was able to with search input "doom menu font" anyways). Saves you rummaging around the doom2.wad graphics for the neccessary letters, like we did in the old days.

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Ok, it seems that I only had to create custom graphics and load 'em into Slade, now it works. Thanks to all all you, guys!

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