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CWILV files for Heretic maps?

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I make thumbnails for my Youtube videos using in game art as much as possible.  Recently I started playing Heretic and when I went to make thumbs I found that the game doesn't use CWILV graphics for it's intermission screen level names.  Usually if I play a Doom wad that doesn't have them I would just generate some using Doom Writer or Bitmap Font Writer, but I don't have a bitmap font writer file for the Heretic font.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  A font for Bitmap Font Writer would be great, unless I am overlooking the graphics somewhere in the WAD file.


Also, I wasn't sure where to put this, maybe Editing Questions would have been better?

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IIRC, Heretic doesn't have those patches, and instead they have a bigfont that these titles are written in. The graphics for that font will be in the WAD file, but each character is its own lump so that might make it a little time consuming to turn that into a regular bitmap font.

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Yes, Heretic prints all texts using its fonts, it got zero precomposed text graphics at all.

Extracting the characters isn't too hard but I have no idea what Bitmap Font Writer needs. If it works with a set of PNGs it should be easy, otherwise you have to do the conversion yourself.


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5 hours ago, BlueThunder said:

I use this to generate text sometimes for doom and heretic style fonts, I don't know if this is what your after or not.



Oh yes, that is perfect.  Thank you!


I've actually seen that site but disregarded it as I thought it was just for Doom text and Doom Writer already did that.  Awesome to know it does Heretic, Hexen, and others as well :)


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