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this post does not make sense

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5 hours ago, Nootrac4571 said:

Here are the reasons nobody's replied to you yet:


1) What a terrible way to ask for help. "I can't be bothered to learn how to do a thing. Could someone else do it for me? Let me know when it's done." Rude and entitled.


2) It's very hard to understand what you actually want. A plasma gun which fires BFG tracers? So, a shotgun that uses cells? Do you just want to reskin the shotgun and change its ammo type? Are you replacing a weapon or adding a new one? It's super unclear.


3) I had a look at your sprites. They're fundamentally flawed - They're very narrow and cut off at the edges, so unless you want Doomguy to have floating disembodied hands they're never going to work.


4) This is wrong section of the forum to post this. You're looking for https://www.doomworld.com/forum/3-doom-editing/


Anyway, to try to actually be helpful, here's the section of the ZDoom wiki that explains using DECORATE to make custom weapons:




Give that a read, search the wiki or google the things you don't understand, then have an honest go at making the gun you want. Then if you have any specific questions regarding things that aren't working, post them in the editing section of the forum along with the code you've written so far, so people can tell you where you've gone wrong. There are many people who'll be happy to help you.

"I have this idea I started, finish it for me and send me a link!"


But seriously OP, you'd get more help if you at least gave the impression that you're trying to learn. Or if you at least said please. Or posted in the right section.

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