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The first level of a megawad I'm planning, tentatively titled SpaceNazis.

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Ew Google drive I know

Here's a rough version of the first level. Don't worry, it's not gonna be just SS the whole way through, I'm probably just going to use them in lieu of zombiemen in later levels.


Berserk instead of chainsaw

Shotgun earlier in map

Chainsaw replaces shotguns in armory

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This map feels a little small and cramped, which made the combat feel rather stilted and boring. This also hurt the progression a lot too. I dig the use of DoomCute stuff: desks, chairs, tables, computers, etc. I really recommend opening up the level a lot more. Tiny rooms just forced me to bottleneck enemies in the rooms I found them in, using the door as cover. It prevents me from having to really have to engage the enemies in a more active combat scenario. The map also feels pretty flat since there's a lack of height variation and interesting architecture. It all feels a bit too symmetrical. Two very large defining aspects of what makes Doom fun is asymmetrical level design and flowing, dynamic combat where you and the demons have enough room to move around. As far as beginner maps go, this is better than most since you've got texturing down pretty well and there's a good sense of design going on with your layout. Now you just need to push things further by varying up your architecture and making the combat more fun. 



I look forward to seeing how you improve things, mate.

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