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DOOM Eternal - Towards Earth | DOOM SnapMap

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DOOM Eternal: Towards Earth is a DOOM SnapMap created by ArchRevival w/ Map ID: 2DLKF6ZL. Based off DOOM Eternal's Earth Levels. DOOM Eternal Mechanics are implemented as well as custom geo, modded props and music.


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This is really impressive. A couple of the starting linear areas, while good, weren't up to same standards at the rest of the map.


The dashing mechanics, the level details, the custom prop work to emulate Doom Eternal - amazing stuff.


I'm a bit surprised they didn't include the grenade and chainsaw, they're paramount in Eternal. They could have made a 1 or 2 bar fuel chainsaw that refills like the dash. Oh well.

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Bootleg Eternal


This looks fun, always interesting to see these kinds of remakes done with SnapMap.

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