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39 UV Maxes

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Over the years I accumulated 39 UV Max demos that are either records or fillers, but I didn't publish them as they are not too polished. Some of the maps I don't like that much, so I am not too enthusiastic about re-recording. Others are work in progress.


If anyone is interested in any of these, I can maybe give them some priority and get a demo which would be nice enough to upload.


wad, map                time

1killtng 12            12:26
2oberon                 9:04
abyss 19                2:19
arbor2                  5:11 (2 monsters probably unkillable)
area51 2               14:09
artifact 2             16:53
bor_lost               20:35 (zdoom 2.7.1)
dmp2016 4              25:20
earth 1                 5:38
enigma 1                5:47

enigma 2                7:54
enigma 3               11:52
eventide                8:18
farside                12:53
forsaken               14:21
fronsett                6:04
iditarod 4              5:33 (slow, as Revved has a quicker -fast)
iditarod 5              3:57
iditarod 6              2:53
loh2 10                 5:45

marsw301 7              4:10
marsw301 28             9:08
megaphse                9:57
neis e4m3                ?   (demo on the laptop that needs repairs)
odessa_1                7:32
odessa_2               12:54
odessa_6               13:28
odessa_7               16:28
odessa_9               10:40
odessa11               12:38

te 1                    3:04
teutic e3m6             8:28
tolwyn03               15:xx  (demo on the laptop that needs repairs)
ttp 2                   5:44
ttp 6                   5:57
wicked_3                8:24
wicked_4               16:25
wicked_6                6:15
wicked_9               10:59


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I just did a savescummed run of Eventide and got 6:30. I don't know when I'll be able to speedrun it myself, so you'll save me a bunch of work if you manage to get something around that time.

EDIT here's a multisegment demo with a route example. I was supposed to BFG the AV at the end, but I left this ending in for the lolz.

One thing that I bet is going to kill a lot of runs are the late teleports in RK fight. You can't use remaining monster counter to tell whether you got all of them since an AV teleports at the bottom of stairs and can resurrect a random number of enemies.


Edited by tchkb

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Well, they suck, so this is why I didn't publish them. And it is me who says that, and I think I am rather low on the perfectionist scale. There are maybe two exceptions, that is, earth and dmp2016. The former needs a bit more luck with random monster placement and one day I will play masochist and beat it; for the latter my attitude was "anyone can spend their 25 minutes in a more productive way than watching such a tiny improvement, let's save them some lifetime and not post it" and I think with some new strats that I discovered I could get 23:xx or lower.


The thread stays, so if someone pops up in 2023 and says he would like to see a demo on a certain WAD, and I am still around, I can improve it and post it.


In the meantime the list will hopefully get shorter.


I have a bit less time atm but I am working on 1killtng MAP12 which is very unique and very fun (and what's even better, one reviewer said it's "just terrible") and also enigmas.


tchkb: Thanks for that eventide savegame demo, I realized it can be rather fun to play! Lots of freedom of movement and all weapons are present. I will try to improve on that also, by the end of September.

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