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Phantom Lost Soul?


Hiya, so this might sound odd but as I've been tweaking enemies in my map, I've disovered when I playtest it, there's this rogue lost soul that comes out of somewhere I can't pinpoint in the editor? I've tried searching all possible things in the map but I can't seem to find where it usually appears. Is there a way to filter out enemy types in things (I don't know how to use the editor to it's fullest yet, it's Ultimate Doom Builder).


Edit: I found out that F3 filters what things you can replace. Turns out it wasn't set to ambush, so it was this errant lost soul

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8 hours ago, Thorogrimm said:

Turns out it wasn't set to ambush, so it was this errant lost soul

I have a vague recollection about Lost Souls missing an ambush flag. But, from what you describe, it appears that setting the ambush flag for your errant Lost Soul properly keeps it dormant until it sees the player. I wonder where my original notion came from.

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