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still didn't adapt

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I think I'm calling it quits for DOOM and ALL PC FPS games that move like this, I been taking rubsy travel sickness pills 1 hour before playing DOOM and it helped. But just couple days ago I wanted to try something out, what if I DON'T take these pills and see where I'm at in terms of becoming dizzy when playing these types of FPS games??


I'm still back in square 1.. my body did not adapt at all, I don't wan't to be taking something i don't know much about just to play DOOM, I have already completed ULTIMATE DOOM, DOOM II, FINAL DOOM and achieved my dream of being a doom vet.  Nothing else to prove now.. you all should be really thankful you can play the games without problems!


I'm really bummed out that I have to stop playing, but I will be playing resident evil though (1,2,3,CV-X) I just got to look away from the doors loading and cutscenes, hence why I look up away from the screen when I get to these places. 


Be thankful guys!! I really wan't to keep DOOM in my life but these pills seem dangerous.. everybodys body is different and thats just how it is.  I freakin guess....


My anti-motion sickness glasses never came either, this is the second time I ordered them.  O well.  GG & OPL3 ULTIMATE DOOM & DOOM II 4 Life.  






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Are you playing with a specific port? Editing some settings might make it more accessible for you. Nothing guaranteed though. 

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Shit I’m really sorry man :-( I can’t imagine how much that must suck :-(


As @Pegg said, have you tried different ports? Or even Mods for that matter?


For instance, would a mod removing the weapon sprites or making it look more 2D or one removing the “sway” help?


Sorry if this is a really dumb question! I don’t know much about motion sickness and am just hoping someone has a fix for you so you can keep doing what you obviously enjoy :-D

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Rest assured there are avenues to improve a problem like this. I used to consistently get motion sickness when playing early Build engine source ports with mouselook. It hasn't come back since I addressed a neck tension issue with the help of a physical therapist. Improving my diet and being less sedentary helped too. It not easy, you have to commit to making changes and logging your progress. Ask yourself if you'd rather live with sickness or enjoy life.

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I much as I'd hate to say it, I think you shouldn't play DOOM anymore. It could be a strain on your eyes. Take a break for a few months, and see if that helps. I'm sorry that you aren't doing well. 

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