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How to disable weapons for a map?


Yep. It's me again. So a few years ago, I asked about how to make actors for dialogue sections essential so that the player couldn't kill them.


Then I realized that I was going about things the wrong way. Usually in games that have both dialogue sections and combat sections, the player's weapons get disabled for dialogue sections, and re-enabled for the combat sections. I plan to have a number of maps where the game disables your weapons for the purpose of talking with NPCs, buying items and getting missions, and other maps where the main combat goes down.


I want to know how one would be able to pull something like this off in GZDOOM.

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You can give the player a new weapon (call it "NoWeapon" or something like that) and force player to switch to it using SetWeapon then make it so the deselect states lead back to "Ready"


For example:


ACTOR NoWeapon : Fist
    PUNG A 1 A_WeaponReady
    Goto Ready


Then you can take it away from them and switch back to Pistol or some other weapon on map change.

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I realize this is not quite the same as disabling a weapon, but you can "protect" the NPC from the player's attack in several ways:


1. Have the NPC behind, say, bullet-proof glass.

2. Have the NPC behind a "portal" through which attacks have no effect. Alternatively, have the NPC only appear via a mirror [these are essentially the same as Item 1, above.]

3. Use PROP_TOTALLYFROZEN to prevent the player from making any attacks while interacting with the NPC.

4. Use a non-shootable actor for the NPC (for GZDooM, you can use a model), so that even if the player attempts to attack the NPC there is no consequence to the gameplay. [Of course, this detracts from the realism of an interaction with an NPC.]

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