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Configuring Crispy Doom to run similar to Chocolate Doom


So, I wanted to configure Crispy Doom to to run like Chocolate Doom as closer as possible in Gameplay/Visual terms despite the improvements.

I turned all the Crispness off except Smooth Pixel Scaling. Also turned on the ENDOOM screen.

I noticed the max audio in Crispy Doom sounds like the standard audio in Chocolate, so it looks like Crispy's audio is lower than Chocolate.

Also if IDFA or IDKFA is used, the screen blinks and Doomguy smiles. It's a minor detail and I think it looks cool, but I want to turn it off if possible. I suspect turning it off would involve changing the source code, I don't mind doing it if I get some starting guidance.

I'm sure there's anyone out there who knows better how to approach the Chocolate Doom experience in Crispy's configuration.

I attach my configuration files if anyone wants to check them.

Cfg files.zip

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