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Kain D.

Problems(Bugs) with Gzdoom

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I've been mapping and there are problems with Gzdoom(I used version  in my wad. Could you explain why this happens?


1. Projectiles like fireballs and plasma projectiles are not visible in all white areas in Gzdoom(You can check it at the beggining of map17)
2. White colormap in Ep2 underwater areas doesn't work in Gzdoom (hardware renderer),(I use it in the map 15 and 16 only)


I think these above are bugs.


3. Some switches in Maps 15,16,31 (linedef 210 - Silent teleport switch) have no sound in Gzdoom and Glboom+(default compability)(I assume something similar happens with S1 silent teleport, but none of my maps use it).


4. I do not use it in my maps, but I have an idea for a feature using self referencing sectors. I don't know if I'll be using the feature, I need to think this through.

Anyway problem is that in Glboom+ BFG(Bfg tracers only) can pierce through self referencing sectors and Gzdoom, of course with compability option enabled blocks it completly. This creates inconsistency.


Here's my wad:


Hey, I know I'm not ultra active here, but I'm making small steps. And I really apprecieate some aswers, because of the problems my wad is in development hell mode.



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