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Intermission splash screen times


So I want to add some splash screens to my wad that pop up before entering a level. They show an image with some lore to go with it. Unfortunately, by default, Doom prefers to automatically move onto the next level after about five seconds if you don't press anything.


Is there some scripting I can put into MAPINFO that will simply make it so that you don't proceed to the next level until you push a button? (Or at least wait a ridiculous amount of time, like 2 full minutes) Currently, what I'm working with is simply using the "exitpic" be the level you just finished, and "enterpic" being the splash screen with the lore on it. I've been pouring over this section of the wiki but I haven't been able to figure it out: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Intermission_definition


Short version: I want to make "enterpic" stay on screen for an indefinite amount of time so the player has to push a button to proceed.

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You could make each map part of a cluster that displays story text with a background, just without the actual story text.



map MAP01 "Title"
next MAP02
sky1 SKY1 0
music D_MUSIC

exitpic PICTURE

cluster 1


clusterdef 1
music D_NAME
"(Fill this up with spaces if you want it to sit for a bit)"


EDIT: Nevermind, looks like you found a solution as I was typing this

Edited by Doomkid

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