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Freedoom source port wad help

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I play doom on the freedoom source port for kindle fire and I want to know how to get wads to work. What directory do I put them in? How do I load them? Things like that and, if anyone has any advice.or help, I would love to hear it.

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The freedoom source port on android devices is an early attempt at porting source ports to mobile by beloko and is based on an old version of gzdoom. Beloko since went on to develop a couple more iterations of doom ports on mobile devices; the most current and definitive at this point is Delta Touch, which has several source ports bundled inside. You may have a better experience using the more up-to-date app.


As for how to load wads in the freedoom port: it should be as easy as moving them into the wads or mods folder (I only cursorily looked at the port perhaps a year or so ago, so apologies that I dont remember the exact pathing, though I do remember it being similar to delta) then selecting them to load from within the app. Hopefully this helps :)

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