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Trench Foot (TC Mod) [Early Alpha]

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There's a really cool new Total Conversion mod in the works being developed by a fella called Mr-Moon called Trench Foot and has an alternative universe, dystopian, futuristic spin on World War I feel to it, complete with trench and underground bunker warfare. There's currently one big map available and it's a hell of a lot of fun, really challenging, with excellent sprite work and cool level and enemy designs. It looks and feels pretty killer to me.











I love the sound design as well, using some lovely sounds from Half-Life 2 and Quake 2, along with plenty of its own. It's wonderfully atmospheric to give you a real sense of dread, fear and despair with creatures set to give you nightmares if you're easily frightened hehe. You can grab this early Alpha's playable first map right here and give it a whirl yourself. You'll probably need to use GZDoom of course.


You can also check out what Mr Icarus thinks here:



And finally, here's my humble playthrough of the map if you can't be bothered playing it yourself and want to see it in action without Icarus's waffling:



This is one of the few TCs I've come across that really pushes all the right buttons for me and I can't wait to see how it develops. But what do you lot think?

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Very atmospheric, but gameplay is rather dull for the most part. Most of the time you're effectively just walking forward through a tube and just shooting what's in front of you. It gets pretty frentic after picking up the red key, though. I hope it'll get some better gameplay in later levels (unless the current gameplay is intentional).


I like how powerful the pistol is.

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I remember Alpha Beta Gamer on youtube already played this one. Good stuff, definitely gonna give it a try :0

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Just for the assets alone this project will contribute vastly to the community.
And if the wad is even better to what we see in your video, Bio, this surely will be great!

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