Just my own little compilation of interesting works of 2020. It's not exhaustive, and I haven't even played most of it, and I don't have any objective criteria or quality bar for what I consider interesting, and yes if [your wad] isn't in here then I probably found it uninteresting (speedmaps, my first wads, community projects with gimmick themes), or simply didn't see it yet, so don't take it as offense as I am not an authority and this list isn't definitive.    I started doing this because I noticed a huge uptick in community productivity in the last few years (new interest from bethesda-doom I guess), too much for me to even hope to keep up with playing, so I wanted a list to fall back on for when I'm in the old folks home. Also I have kinda grown to resent the Cacowards in a weird sort of way, as it has this side effect of nobody giving a shit about other wads from a given year - yes I'm aware we have periodic "underrated wad" threads but they're scattered and buried and disorganized with time, and yes this is just another forum thread that will suffer the same fate, although some day I intend to preserve the list in an old timey webpage.   Caveat: a lot of these could be works in progress, and a handful might not even be released, and some download links may be broken because people use weird file hosts, and I will edit in interesting wads as they come in / as I notice them.   2020 has been the busiest year for (interesting) pwads in all of the modding community's history, my evidence follows:
antaresian reliquary by @antares031 a cute little map by @yakfak project-19 by @Kuroji Shi2do glaive 2  by @EANB Doom II: 25 Years on Earth by @Phobus DyingCamel's Demons #3 by @Bdubzzz + various Gods&Guardians by @Wraith777 Moonfire by @Spectre01 GOingAGain by @vincent0s Heller City Rampage by @cambreaKer 1995 called. They want their Doom levels back by @Zylinderkatze Intergalactic Xenology by @Dreadopp taras nabad by @Slimebucket (nuked thread why?) Spawn Redux by @Dave_Billing
Spawn 2: Descent of Canopus by @Dave_Billing Oops! All Techbase by @ZeMystic + various Skinship by @Lorenz0 IMP WORLD by @Clippy The killer of hell by @xdarkmasterx
The Eldrich Domain of Death by @xdarkmasterx
Demons of Darkness by @xdarkmasterx
Creepy ass demon tower by @xdarkmasterx
Damp Shithole by @xdarkmasterx Steel Sepulchre by @xdarkmasterx [Heretic] Quest for the Crystal Skulls by @Captain Toenail Devil's Grip by @universal-quantifier Mutabor by @tourniquet The Slayer Project by @sanicstudios Impending Doom by @Agentbromsnor Coiling by @Serekay Flesh Interface 1: The Laboratory by @Angry Saint Running Late 2 by @A2Rob PATHOGEN by @Crunchynut44 Hell On Earth Shareware by @Gifty (I think this made my list from last year, fucking guy better finish it lol!) Arcade Station by @Soulless
Camping Aborted by @Soulless
Bitter Awakening by @Soulless Storming at Midnight by @Soulless Festering Cesspool by @Soulless Cygnus by @E.M. Terminal by @Marn Sigma-X by @Guardsoul [Heretic?] Ascension by @BigMemka + @Shadowman Globglogabgalabs treasure trove by @4MaTC Realm by @4MaTC Technicolor Antichrist Box by @Major Arlene Everglade by @Chief Smokey Being Trapped Is Hell by @TravyB Serenity Now by @TravyB DBP23: Evil Egypt by various UAC-M4 by @GoatLord Infernovasion by @The_SloVinator TNT Goes Boom! by @The_SloVinator Labyrinth of the Aku by @Aku old thread Dissolution: Remastered by @Gunrock
Mines: Remastered by @Gunrock [Hexen] Penumbra by @Matthias Return to Hadron Episode 3 by @cannonball Re-Doom2 by @Shawny [Hexen] Tempered Arms by @Lippeth Scourge of Leviathan by @Pełzająca Część Twarzy Geothermal Plant by @finnks13 Night Shift by @moonchaser26 Advent by @el_inf Lagomorphs of Gor by @Woolie Wool Phaser_Foundry by @HQDefault LargE Single Map by @Kore Outer Base by @Kuleshoff Classic Deathmatch Redux by @KevvyLava LIGHTPATH by @MaishyN Scoot's Dm by @MikeyScoots + @Zillah + @40oz Mansion in The Mountains by @mrthejoshmon Annie: Episode 2 by @Serge Jkn Hell Frontier by @ViolentBeetle unholyjo by @Elio AF Cold Shoulder by @elio.exe Toxic Leek by @elio.exe Malleable Intent by @LVENdead Bastion of Chaos by @Bridgeburner56 Grungy Grotto by @Egg Boy Cold Front by @Egg Boy KUIPER by @Argent Agent DOOM 87: The Lost World by @DCG Retrowave Geant Doom 2 by @Arrown + @Dobermann Abysm 2: Infernal Contract by @jazzmaster9 Ramm by @Alaux Criticality by @Scotty Eleven Zero by @Dranyan Sustenance Ep1 by @SCF [Doom64] Anguish by @jdagenet [Doom64] Wretched by @jdagenet Bromine by @jdagenet Grindhouse by @TheOrganGrinder Trench Foot by Mr-Moon Bourgeois Deathmatch by @Doomkid + @Decay + @Razgriz Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP by @Doomkid + various Doomkid's Mega! by @Doomkid Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday by @Doomkid [technically was in last year's picks but it was very WIP then, and "finished" now in 2020] Demonfear Midi Pack by @P41R47 + various [also technically 2019 but I only just noticed it plus it had updates in 2020] Raven Midi Pack by @Jimmy + various Raven Midi Pack II by @Jimmy + various [Heretic] Faithless: Trilogy by @Jimmy Escalation Titan by @GrahfMetal + @Jimmy Compaund X by @THE IMP DBP28: Fear and Loathing by @Jaxxoon R + various DBP29: Morbid Autumn by @40oz + various Archi-Tek by @romsu89 Running of the Bulls by @Impboy4 [Hexen] Realms of Cronos by @whirledtsar  Blackened Deathmatch by @LacedCase Misanthropolis by @SCF The Demon Blade by @DragonsForLunch UAC Holocaust by @rapappa the pepper Barbie Girl by @Capellan Taco Salad by @Matias [Doom64] Untitled by @UnholyShadows (when you've got a title please let me know!) Ascent of Titan by @DavidN Bond of Hatred by @Chris Hansen Nostalgia Ain't What It Used To Be by @JadingTsunami Lost Civilization 2, part 1 by @Jaska In Search by @Misty [Heretic] Tenebrum by @jaeden ERR.wad by @MrTAD [Heretic] Necroplasm by @SOSU Torrential by @Salmon Bombardment by @Salmon [Hexen] Afterlands by @Seidolon Unhallowed by @CyanoBlugron Evil Overruled by @Toilet_Wine_Connoisseur {DIVBXXXC-HXII} by @xh12bbbb Filtration Plant by @King S P O O N Snap the Sentinel by @TehRealSalt + various UACPS STORAGE BASE by @Boomslang [Unreal, yes Unreal] Unreal Gold Remake by @skaarjman Enceladus by @nicolas monti Fairchild Island by @Lawrence WMD by @Cheesewheel Aspect of Daedalus by @LVENdead He Came From Beyond by @Szuran Bloodbath by @Dunn & Dunn Assembly Line by @Regular Warren [Doom64] The UnMaking by @Ryath
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