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It's not as though anyone will reply to this, but here goes:
You pick up the Plasma Rifle in front of you. It's kind of hard to see, because of the darkness. You step out of the shadows, and look around. The darkness is a little bit less dark here, but you still can't see for anything. You find you're in a large room, spacious, but dark. Suddenly, you feel the ground quiver. The quivering turns into throbbing, and then into shaking. You wonder what's going on. Suddenly a bellow of extreme rage splits the air like a sword.
"AAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!", roars the CyberDemon as he looks down at you. The Demon aims his RL at your head. You run backwards as fast as you can, and leap backwards. The Cyber blasts the ground where you were standing and you are knocked backwards and down by the explosion. You fire a couple rounds of Plasma at the Cyber's head. It roars in pain, and fires another rocket at you. This time the rocket hits its mark-you..!

/me hits the Spacebar and tries again

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