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Mustafa Kemal Pasha


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WAD name: DOOM 3D

Fomat: UDMF


Wolf 3D inspired wad. I got bored and made this in 1 hour. Very little map but I will definitely continue to this cute wad as long as I do at my free times. About the map, it won't be flat of course, as you can see on pictures. I wanted to make a wad for people who doesn't want much of a challenge. Just relax and have fun. Mind if I ask a favor to you. Do you know any people who can make some textures with this style such as platform(lift), button and crates with different colors. I edited some textures to make red and yellow walls. You can test it btw.







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Pretty cool idea, Aquarius199 on youtube showed off a wad with the same name and same idea, it looked good but it had some terrywad bullshit in it. I would totally be up for a nice Wolf3D style Doom wad. Without the terrywad bullshit.

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Oh man, I love this Wad, that 8-bit video game atmosphere is felt everywhere, I think that more than being a map emulating the Wolfenstein 3D environment, it rather seems a tribute to the game, and to others in the Retro category, just by listening to the melody of In the end, independent video games that deal with these kinds of things come to mind, such as: Retro City Rampage or Super Meat Boy, pure nostalgia in a simple Wad, for that very reason, I preferred to play the map with a mod that does it justice at this level because of how well designed and decorated it is.


PD: By the way, the aspect of the exit of the level reminded me more of those Roguelike video games, where it was important to get out alive among so many enemies and showers of bullets everywhere (I remember there is a Roguelike video game of first person shots with retro aesthetics, I just can't remember his name).


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