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Remember DWANGO? No, not the Doom WADs, the dial-up service. And y'know DOSBox? In comparison to most source ports, finding a person to play with in DOSBox has always been a challenge. You have no immediate chance of finding someone to play over the internet with you without seeking people out on forums, Discord, or IRC. There's no DWANGO anymore to look for players and servers with, so the appeal of DOSBox multiplayer has, unsurprisingly, faded into small niches.


Enter TCPWANGO. TCPWANGO is a take at not only reviving the DWANGO service into the emulation age, but to make DOSBox multiplayer more accessible to all, newcomers and veterans alike.


Our goals for TCPWANGO are as follows:

Connection over DOSBox's IPXnet tunneling through TCP/IP

Support for connection via real hardware and virtual machines like PCem through @fraggle's Dali

Compatibility with all of DWANGO's originally supported titles

A common medium for finding players to play with in DOSBox

Any other ideas that may come up along the way


Now, our call to action.

If any of you have any programming skills in relation to DOS programs, DOSBox, IPX emulation/tunneling, general networking knowledge, decompiling, or anything of the sort, please join us at https://discord.gg/vaFTspN and give us a hand!! Right now we're just a team of 2, but I know that can change.

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