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Concept for semi-realistic Doomguy armor

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Basic idea was to try and make it look more like feasible space marine armor but still have it actually resemble Doom. It really bothered me that both Doom movies didn't even try to adapt the look of the suit, they just gave them some black Kevlar and called it a day. I figured if basically everything Marvel and DC can make realistic adaptations of costumes, it can work for Doom as well.


I used the basic design as a base, but I did put sleeves on (khaki sleeves, tho. So still sort of skin colored) because power armor designed for the surface of mars would probably need to be properly insulated.


Aside from that, I made the torso have a grey base, but with the front, back, and shoulders having attatchable green or blue armor pieces. I also went ahead and made the legs khaki to match the sleeves, so I guess he's kinda wearing a jumpsuit as his base layer.


I might post more art of this design here. If other people have done similar things, I'd be really interested to see the results on that.

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