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New Gameplay Mod: Doom 1&2 Subzero Terminator Edition

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First you probably have three questions. Who? What? Why?

It's time to answer them all but not in order.

First of all, what?


This is a new gameplay mod for GZDoom I have made today which centers around melee combat. Let's discuss our weapons, shall we?

Blue Knife

The most powerful weapon in your arsenal starts with you. This blue knife might just look like your usual combat knife painted blue, and that's because it is. What damage does it do you might ask? Oh it's just enough to 4-hit kill a Baron. Nothing to worry about. However due to it being a melee weapon, using it against a group of hitscans or powerful enemies could be your DOOM, pun intended, as they'll manage to wipe you off the face of the Earth before you get to them. Thankfully, there are two ways of preventing that outside of playing smart.


Shielding Gun

This gun allows you with the press of a button, instantly deploy a blue energy shield that makes you impervious to enemy projectiles and hitscans. Whew! However it uses those useless clips you will be collecting as a way to power itself so you cannot maintain it forever, and it doesn't block the monsters themselves, meaning using it against a group of Pinkies or in a tight room will be completely useless.


Freezing Rifle

The only weapon you do not start the Rip and Tearing uh, stabbing and slashing some hellspawn...? adventure with is also a ranged weapon! Hurray! It's main use is that it can freeze enemies (Especially low-tier fallen humans) in a few shots, protecting you from some nasty hitscan attacks. How do you get this weapon, you might ask? Simple. Simply collect what would normally be either a Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle or BFG9000 if you were the more traditional Doomguy, and the weapon is yours! However it runs off Rocket ammo (Don't ask.) and it's starting ammo depends on how you have obtained this beauty. Here's a little table for you.



Shotgun - 2 - 1

Chaingun - 6 - 3

Rocket Launcher - 10 - 5

Plasma Rifle - 20 - 10

BFG - 100 - 50



Just the OG chainsaw. Not useful. It's just there.


Now it's time for the Who? question.


Subzero Terminator

Yeah who's this Subzero Terminator guy? Well he's the guy you will be playing as. After 2 decades of being a wild hunter and a part-time mercenary for an army, Subzee had gained a reputation of being an unstoppable killing machine, with only a knife. He was eventually hired by the UAC, and disregarded the Marine dress code, wanting to keep his hood he had since his childhood. His cold stare and ways of attacking, combined with barely speaking, earned him the name "Subzero Terminator". Not that anyone knows his real name anyways. After a tragedy that costed the life of his sister at the hands of a member of the UAC, he swore to himself to never work with anyone else again. He then became a lonely assassin lurking in the shadows and appearing to kill his chosen prey at the right moment, until Hell started to invade, now becoming an all-out demon hunter. Where? When? That's up to you and your WADs to decide.


And now the WHY DID YOU MAKE A MELEE BASED COMBAT MOD? Well, I wanted to see how Doom would be like if it was focused on melee weapons after trying to fist a Cyberdemon on E2M8 and failing horribly. After all, almost every weapons mod is "345 new guns and 1 new chainsaw!!!!1!!" so I think it's about time we have a simple melee weapons mod. There might be only one, but give this thing a shot. I assure you, despite the crazy damage output and unfairness related to hitscan groups, you will have lots of fun and even a brand new, melee-flavored challenge to try out!


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1f3uydeexv04bg4/SubzeroTerminator.wad/file



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13 hours ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Sounds pretty neat, any screenshots?

Apologies, I totally forgot. Here's some featuring the three weapons (Well, two weapons and one shield anyway)






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The damage is rather variable, no? A lot of the time it takes two hits to kill an imp. I think the knife should be more powerful. 

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On 10/1/2020 at 9:05 PM, golbeeze said:

The damage is rather variable, no? A lot of the time it takes two hits to kill an imp. I think the knife should be more powerful. 

Thats odd, for me it always kills them in one hit.

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