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(Ultimate) Doom (and 2) the Way id Did smooshed together

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As far as I know this only functions properly in GZDoom with doom_complete.pk3 (with at least doom.wad and doom2.wad included in it) as its iwad.


I often hear people say the DTWID maps would blend in seamlessly with the original vanilla maps, that if you randomly shuffled them into the original campaign they would fit like a glove. Here I've combined Doom the Way id Did with Doom 2 TWID and the Ultimate Doom TWID episode, with a mapinfo lump that has the game alternate back and forth between TWID maps and the original vanilla maps, for a sort of bizarre "extended cut" of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 that is functionally twice as long. There shouldn't be any overlapping map names so it's 100% compatible with mapsets like Maps of Chaos as far as I can tell -- any mod that replaces the vanilla maps should work as long as it doesnt require its own mapinfo. If it does then I'm not sure what would happen but I suspect it could break something.


Please let me know if this is against the rules, as it obviously contains the maps from the below mapsets, and I haven't expressly asked for permission to do this:






I just thought this would make for an interesting Doom-ing experience. I hope you enjoy.


edit: update to hopefully fix secret level transitions

(original file)



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How do the secret levels work? Do you say, go to Wolfenstein from Industrial Zone, then to Grosse, then D2TWID's map 15, THEN the keen levels?

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1 hour ago, Devalaous said:

How do the secret levels work? Do you say, go to Wolfenstein from Industrial Zone, then to Grosse, then D2TWID's map 15, THEN the keen levels?

That's a very good question.


The way it should work is that you travel from vanilla maps to vanilla secrets and the same for TWID maps and secrets.


Thinking back I think it's possble that the e4 maps actually force you to take a round trip ie you go directly from the vanilla secret to the TWID secret which if that's the case I'll have to go back and update the wad because that isn't what I want.


I'll be honest the whole thing was slightly complicated to parse because this* (edit: to clarify, the mapinfo contains about 70 entries. the wad file itself only has about half of that) has about 70 maps and I don't recall which maps lead to and from secrets just off the top of my head.


edit: so in other words ideally I think you're 100% correct.


edit 2: ideally you would be correct but it turns out the secrets were completely botched. Fixing now. Thanks for reminding me, that's the one thing I basically never tested because I was relying mostly on nextmap.

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Update to fix the secret maps. Wolfenstein maps are still practically unplayable due to the Nazi replacement. Fixing that would be a bit more complicated an undertaking.

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