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Offtopic: What Mainboard/GPU ?

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Hi !

Well, i searched for good benchmarks and reviews for 2 hours and found nothing. Maybe I'm too dumb to find the right site but i'm tired of searching the web...
Can anyone give me good links with up to date infos about Motherboards and graphic cards ?
Or just tell me...what would you buy, if you had to buy the new hardware NOW with ...lets say...700$ for CPU/Graphic/Mainboard/Ram.
I thought about something with KT400/8xAGP/DDR400/Graphics with at least 64MB....but theres so much out there, I just don't know where to start looking....
What manufacturers do you prefer for Boards/Graphics/Ram ?

I hope this thread doesn't annoy anyone because its some kind of personal problem and not really DooM 3 related, but...well, I want to run Doom3 descent with this new hardware......

Thanks for suggestions or experiences with you hardware...

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Yeah um i think this exact same thread was posted in here earlier

plz 2 excuz bad gramer an speling i m lamr ololol~~~~

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