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Post your Video Game ideas here!

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I always have these ideas for video games, but I never actually plan to make them. They seem cool to me, but I could never see others enjoying them, nor myself programming them. So, I decided to post a topic here about your game ideas, and maybe if somebody who can makes them sees it, they might actually use your idea! I'll start off the thread with one of my many ideas.


This game is called Sanduhr Mann.

This is supposed to be an FPS similar to Wolfenstein in story (not really, but you are killing Nazi's in both), and Metal Gear Solid in gameplay. There are no weapon upgrades, and it is separated into levels like DOOM. There are 3 missions (episodes).


Mission 1: Super Bomb 


You are a French Jew with Blue eyes and blonde hair named David Goldman during World War 2, and are getting ready to marry your wife when bombs hit your city. You quickly get married so you can convert to Catholicism, but the Nazi's still know you are of Jewish decent. You must hide in your attic as Nazi's invade your home, killing your wife. You then grab a Nazi's gun, and kill a bunch of them. This starts level 1. You make your way out of the house, when you find the General that killed your wife, Mae. His name is Geirweit, and when you enter combat with him, you fail immediately, and he gets away. 


As you bleed to death, you notice a bright light. You are in a hospital, and standing by you are several agents. There is Riggith Simones, a young American and amazing engineer; Commander Grahm Betres, a British War hero who now walks with a cain, since one of his legs were lost in WW1; and a Nazi Rebel named Urbanus Gobbes who is a prodigy in shooting. Together, they run the Anti-Socialist Infiltration Federation (ASIF), a super-secret organization based on stealth and sending supplies to anti-Nazi countries. 


Level 2 begins with you being a brand new member, and your first mission is to try to take down a Bomb manufacturing company based in Austria, but of course, you are discovered by the Nazi's, and a huge, bodybuilding, Yugoslavian traitor named Fie Dippur finds you, and attacks you with his hammer and Nazi forces. When you take him down, you can finally enter the Bomb manufacturing building (Oh yeah, you are outside of the building the whole level, you're trying to find a way to infiltrate it. 


Level 3 starts with you inside the building. You enter a huge room, and then learn from your commander that the Germans have plans to a super bomb. you go in, and meet a psycho scientist named Hermann Goetz, who throws bombs at you. When you finally land a hit on him, he falls to the ground, and laughs as he tells you the Japanese have stolen the plans to the bomb. He dies, and you go into a plane to Japan.


Level 4, you are stopped by Gestapo on your way to Japan, and this level is more like regular FPS', where you have to kill a bunch of Gestapo without stealth. You are then thrown into jail. No boss here. 


Level 5, you escape jail, because it's a game, and sneak out of the prison. There are many guards, and each must be taken out carefully. When you kill all of them, you find the warden of the jail, and he challenges you to a duel in hand-to-hand combat. At the end, you throw him into a cell with no opening, and no sound (so no one can hear his screams) only for the truly insane. You then throw the keys into a drain, and leave him there to starve. 


Level 6 you are back to your normal objective, but must now find a plane in a yard. you are attacked by a bunch of pilots, and then another boss appears, and he is the most skilled martial artist in the world. When you finally kill him, you take a plane, and leave.


The rest of the levels in mission 1 were not made yet, but what it would be were 2 more levels. The first one would be you in Japan against a bunch of Japanese soldiers. The boss would be a stealth soldier, who you must find hiding behind things. The last level, you are in a giant building, and must go through hordes of Japanese and Nazis, to go to the top of the building. At the top, there is like a super boss, who has a mini-gun, and can destroy the whole environment, so wherever you hide, it will be destroyed. When you kill him, you find the plans, find a plane at the way top of the building, and escape back to ASIF's base. 


Mission 2: Base Destruction


There are no levels for this, but basically, you have to destroy a whole Nazi base, filled with tanks and stuff. Throughout this mission, everyone on the team dies except Goldman and Riggith. Riggith escapes, but Goldman is imprisoned. he is locked up for 3 years, until Riggith returns with a whole new team of ASIF members, which starts mission 3. No bosses, but I'd imagine a final boss being a super tank, which tries to run you down, and it is a First-person run-and-gun sequence, so there will be a lot of backpedaling. 


Mission 3: Destroy everything


Literally what the title says. Just destroy everything in your path. You are mad, so unleash your anger. No stealth in any levels except the last. Just chaos. In the last level, you find Geirweit again. he has a bunch of minions similar to the previous bosses. You take all of them out at once (Luckily, you have a mini-gun of your own). When you find Geirweit, you are stripped of all your weapons, and have to carve a shiv out of a wooden block. You hide behind boxes as Geirweit shoots rockets towards you, guessing where you are (trial and error). finally, you get to a ledge, and jump down onto Geirweit, and stab him with your Shiv, and he dies. 


You return to base, live happily ever after, and the end. You are, the timeglass man! 



Not great, but I love sharing my ideas. what are some of yours?

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i have an idea:

a shitty low effort asset flip style game which is 4 example tutorial maps for FPS Creator made into a full game.

oh wait i already made that when i was 9 years old lol

i made a sequel for this game 5 years later

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One idea that I've had floating around in my head now is a hybrid of Audiosurf's game play with a racing game, where the better you time your inputs to a given song, the better your vehicle does in a race. I'm not fully sure on all the details on how it'd work but I'd be quite an interesting hybrid of genres.

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I have this weird FPS idea. You start the game on an alien jungle planet and you're a big hairy, razor clawed, beast. You claw the shit out of other beasts, then you start to encounter humanoids. Then you start to go through some sort of metamorphosis, where you become smaller and more humanoid. So you then get to go into bases and use their weapons, tech and stuff. You have to figure out if your species metamorphs into humanoid form or if you're being experimented on... Lots of exploration in a huge world with several biomes, weird creatures and many varied locations from jungle bases to atmosphere plants, alien ruins and such.





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Baseball Racer

One player controls a batter on..roof of car, and defending it.

Other player controls car itself, and use it to race on roads, dodge something and etc.


Main one is AD, but it very long story, and still unfinished anyhow.

In nutshell, Third World War began - sihshofetzs attacked the country of Bob Stremglavski. His Mom disappeared, Bob himself was kidnapped by mysterious man.

Destiny gave to Bob the chance to escape, and Bob use it. But now he is exhausted and too weak to fight anyhow.

Destiny call Player to assist Bob, and find Mom.

Player would meet unnatural, unbeatable or horrifying people infected with evil and called villains; merceless guardians and rulers of Stone, Dust, Manufacture and other towns and cities; traps and twists in order to stop Bob; more truth about war.

Bob is fat and weak, he's not regular hero from classic FPS...

Also, if not help of other characters and controllable classmates of Bob, he never would leave even his zone alive.

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There are lots of great options for hobbyist game development nowadays. I like Python + PyGame, myself. Someone with no knowledge could create something playable in a few evenings' work.

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