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Bouncing projectile exploding on impact.


I'm trying to make a bouncing death ball that penetrates enemies and bounces around. However, when the projectile hits any enemy, it immediately dies. I want it to either bounce of enemies or go through them. I can't figure out how. 

This is how it is written:


ACTOR DeathBall
   Radius 3
   Height 3
   Speed 60
   Damage 10
   Gravity 0.7
   BounceType Grenade
   bouncefactor 1
   BounceSound "ric2"
   DeathSound "weapons/plasmax"
      BBAL CDE 4 bright

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I found what I was looking for.

RIPPER projectiles penetrate more when their damage is higher. But this makes my weapon too powerful.

So I found out that I can apply a +BOUNCEONACTORS to make the ball bounce of of enemies after applying the damage.

This is what I wanted.

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10 hours ago, Mordeth said:

Try making it a +RIPPER projectile.

Almost. Is there a RIPPER factor? The ball is going through small enemies but not big.

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