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Unfinished maps flea market

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Welcome, fellow Doomer, to unfinished maps flea market!


You may wonder - what a heck is this?! I'll tell ya.


I guess, many of us, mappers, if not all of us, have unfinished maps, that you just can not finish for many reasons: some of the maps are too complex, some just lost inspration, others are just good ideas, without a certain path, or just scrapped templates for rooms, corridors, arenas and prefabs.


Or you just 'burned out', sitting in front of flickering monitor, in the night, waiting for muse to come, tirelessly making mediocre maps (like me), that will never see the joy of being played or streamed and reviewed by other Doomers...


Thinking of it i feel eternal sorrow of how many good ideas just stuck in limbo, becoming a burden...


Here, in this flea-market (as i will call this topic) i suggest you to exchange your unfinished maps, that is too good to be deleted, and not enough to be published.


If you striving to map, but nothing comes out, you are in a right place.


There is only one rule, to prevent this topic to become a thrash bin of unfinished wads: if you post your scrapped map, you should adopt and try to finish another map.

No deadline, no strict rules, any mapping format is enough.


Though, i think, first five uploads for each map format can avoid this rule for variety of choice.


So, shortly speaking: if you upload your unfinished stuff, you should take any of uploaded earlier maps to finish.


For convinience, please, follow this simple instructions before uploading:


Add some screenshots. Also screenshot from mapping tool you are using.

Tell us, which IWAD is needed;

Extra resources needed (like otex), or if custom resources is included;

How much of the map there is?


And other usefull tips from New to posting maps? Read this first!


So i'll start.


This map is supposed to be called 'hollow wounds'. Vanilla style tech-base, corrupted by modern UDMF style flesh tentacles (how original, i know...).

UDMF format

IWAD: Doom2.

Custom resources included: corrupted tech lamp (DECORATE), a few textures.

Filetype: pk3








Edited by 4MaTC

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Since I never really got round to finishing it and I completely lost most of my will to map TMoD stuff back in 2018, this is most of what I could scrounge up of episode 3.


(Just as a heads up, It originally wasn't a .pk3 so I had to move EVERYTHING from the 20-30 wad files they were all originally contained in, into this one which contains all the good stoof. as a result, this may be janky AF).









You know, looking back... I kinda wish I did stick around with episode 3 more. This looked like it'd be a really big blast!





Oh I forgot to mention:


Jump, crouch and freelook NEED to be enabled

Built for GZDooM (originally at any rate)

Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Missed a few vital details

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I'd post some but then I'd have to take one as well, and all maps posted thus far are UMDF. I'll keep an eye on this thread, I think this is a very interesting idea.

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@Biodegradable thank you, but you should'nt, after all it's unfinished, you know :D


@Pechudin i've changed the rules slightly, so you can post your wad without fee


8 hours ago, 4MaTC said:


Though, i think, first five uploads for each map format can avoid this rule for variety of choice.



I'll put every posted map in original post as a list for convenience, market just needs starting map roster

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All right, I can give finishing your map a try SGN. :)


I finished the map! :D


Level Name:





Other difficulties have been implemented though i generally build around the HMP difficulty (despite the fact I test on UV a lot >_>).


Freelook, Jumping and crouching are optional.





The big screensies






Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : I finished the map

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