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I was playing a map pack that goes by the name Zpack. While playing it, I noticed some textures that could contort or wave like an animation. Is there any way I can achieve this in GZDoom builder?

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Its not done in DoomBuilder, its just a ANIMDEFs config lump inside the wad or pk3

create a .txt, put it inside the wad or pk3 with slade and name it ANIMDEFS

Then select on the text language option: ZDoom AnimDefs


Then use the following code inside:

warp2 flat (name flat)

warp texture (name texture)

You must do that for every texture/flat you want to make it warp.

there are different warp wave animations, but you can use whatever you like most.
warp2 is for water type

warp is for just making them move

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