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How to make teleporters?

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I'm working on a map that has the player teleporting around to different areas, I can't find any up to date tutorials and thought id ask here.

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Create teleport, then select linedefs of it and put a number sector tag and the action of teleport (in DB2 is number 97 if you want be repeteable). Then tag a sector where you want be teleported and put a teleport destination. I tried explain it best as possible

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The basic idea behind teleporters hasn't changed in vanilla, limit-removing, and Boom, so any tutorial you find online or here will tell you how to do it.


I don't map for ZDoom or UDMF, so I think there are other methods. Are you talking about one of those formats?


Otherwise, for the basic teleporter, to elaborate on what Raleigh said (which is basically what you do):


  1. Make the line that will teleport the player when you cross it. The player will only teleport when crossing the front side of the linedef, so make sure it is facing the proper way (or draw the linedef at an angle).
  2. Give the linedef the type corresponding to W1 Teleport or WR Teleport (97 is WR).
  3. Give the linedef a tag. For example, Tag 1.
  4. Figure out the sector where you want to teleport to. Give that sector the same tag that you gave to the teleporting linedef, in this case, Tag 1.
  5. Put a teleport destination somewhere in that Sector.

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