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Favorite Explosive Weapons in games?

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It could be anything. Rocket/Grenade Launcher, Charge-Up Energy Cannons, Artillery, or just a Hand Grenade or Molotov. As long as it goes Boom.


I like the Rocket Launchers/8-Ball from the Unreal Games, The Missile Launcher from Shadow Warrior, The Laser Guided Rockets from the Half-Life games, and the Power Bombs/Power Missiles from Metroid.


What's yours?

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Unreal Tournament flak cannon.

Quake grenade launcher.

Fallout 3 experimental MIRV nuclear catapult + mini nuke.

Half-Life HECU Laser trip-mine.

Doom rocket launcher.

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1. The Redeemer from Unreal Tournament; there's something very satisfying about steering a rocket to fly directly between the eyes of your foe.

2. The Devastator from Duke Nukem 3D - double-barrelled minirocket-spraying deathy goodness.

3. The laser-guided missile launcher from Half-Life 2 and the Episodes, pretty much the same as the one from HL1, but I think it sounds better and flying ragdolls are funny.

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@Doom_Dude and @Maggle make strong points on the Unreal explosives - particularly the original incarnation of the 8-ball launcher with it's totally unnecessary capability to flick 6 grenades out at once with a little loading time (obviously 6 guided rockets was much more useful). @NoXion's choices work nicely for me too. However...

  • The TimeSplitters 2 grenade launcher, with it's gigantic revolver-style cylinder (and construction) and massive firing sound was pretty nice, and it had a flaming alt-fire.
  • The Firebomb from Rise of the Triad (2013) has a glorious explosive pattern and the sound effects to go with it were really satisfying.
  • Serious Sam 4 has the Flaming Rocket-Propelled Chainsaw Launcher, which is the single-most useful weapon I've ever had my virtual hands on in any game, I think. Not only do the projectiles lock on to an enemy and home quite effectively, but if they saw through it in less than 10 seconds, they'll immediately reroute to the next nearest enemy and then get to work on that. When they've run out of sawing time, they explode. The damage over time is enough to take out a Major Biomechanoid in one shot on Serious difficulty, and the rerouting and homing is so effective that they'll happily chew through 10 Kleers without even needing them to be in a row. Plus you get 50 ammo when you first find it, and can fire them off pretty quickly if it comes down to it.

After that, no amount of clustered explosions, big explosions, mushroom clouds, flaming discharge, shrapnel or dogged homing will be as impressive. Even the mini nuke from the same game lost some shine when I gained the one true ultimate weapon.

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  • Blood's TNT & Napalm Launcher.
  • DN3D's Rocket Launcher and Pipe Bombs (Pipe Bombs are more fun on corpses IMO).
  • SW's Missile Launcher.
  • Doom's Rocket Launcher.
  • L4D's and CS:GO's Molotov.
  • Quake's Grenade Launcher & Rocket Launcher.
  • HL2's Rocket Launcher.
  • CS 1.6 HE grenades.

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Liberty Launcher - TF2 (fast projectile is quite handy against scouts).


Laser Trip Mine + Pipebombs - Duke Nukem 3D (ka-bewm!).


Fatman - Fallout (New Vegas cause NV is bae (Is liberty prime allowed?)).


Drunk Missile - Rise of the Triad (Derpy AF <3).


Word Of Power Trap (Bit of a stretch but since it goes boom it counts?) - Dungeon Keeper (high damage as well as AOE so it's quite good).


SMG Grenades - Half Life 2 (GOD these have saved my arse a lot).


Bazooka - Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (Don't know about later game enemies but early on this thing 1-shots pretty much everything AND does 0 damage to yourself!).


Cluster Grenade - Hogs of War (This fugger can 1-shot grunts and tier 1 ranked units) + Super TNT (LITERALLY Kills anything if it's close enough. Even the Legendary pigs of the final mission die in 1 shot since it's base damage is 200).



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Serious Sam Cannon

M32 Grenades on Killing Floor.

Rocket Laucher on Resident Evil.

Beggars Bazooka on TF2

Drunk Missilse on ROTT

Fire Staff on Black Ops.

Ion Fury Shotgun/Grenade Launcher-

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Proxy bombs from UT99 are a fun explosive weapon. I love how they just follow the person you threw them at hahaha. Of course though, Flak Cannon is love, and the Stick of Six Fires (aka 8-ball gun) in Unreal. I also remember liking the explosives in Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. 

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It’s gotta be the Fatman from the fallout series :-D


Nuclear weapons are one of the worst things to ever happen to humanity but damn are they cool! :-P And a portable, miniature nuclear warhead slingshot has got to be the most irresponsible yet coolest thing ever!!!



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- Devastator in Duke 3D

- Pipe bombs in Duke 3D. I remember once I went up an elevator to a rooftop where there was a keycard. Took said card, got ambushed by teleporting bad guys. Hauled ass down the elevator, chucked a pipe bomb on, and sent it back up. Waiting a few seconds then triggered it. Boom, all bad guys dead. Good times.

- Pipes in Left 4 Dead

- Nuke in UT2004 Onslaught. Loved ejecting out of flying vehicles midair and doing kamakaze drops with that thing.

- Dynamite in Blood.

- Sticky bombs in Shadow Warrior.

- Sticky bombs in Doom 2016 and Eternal Doom.

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Since we're including non-FPS games, I'll also add...

1) The M-920 Cain from Mass Effect 2. Good for blowing up gunships or discouraging Thresher Maws. Such a pity it uses absolutely ludicrous amounts of heavy weapon ammo for each shot.


2) The nuclear missile silo from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. Feel the atomic wrath of the Workers' Bomb!

3) The Super Banana Bomb from Worms Armageddon. With their bounciness and remote detonation feature, this handily-thrown clusterfuck of a weapon can cause absolute chaos if set off in just the right place among the enemy. Actually, there's a lot of explosive weapons from Armageddon that are just ridiculous fun to use. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, the Concrete Donkey, the Carpet Bombs, the Meteor Storm...

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I'm not going to make a list here. This is my favorite explosive weapon from any game: The dynamite in Blood. The action of igniting it, the sizzle of the fuse, charging the throw, the boom, the maniacal cackle from Caleb when things get blown apart. I don't think it can be beat.

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I'll take the GEP Gun.

AvP2 pulse rifle grenades, although could carry only 8 of them, why couldn't I put more in my pockets or ammo belt.

Dynamite from Blood.

Rocket Launcher from Doom.

Mega Missile from Descent.

Spore Launcher from Opposing Force, so cute.

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I really do like the Half-Life 2 explosives such as the SMG Grenade due to its physics and overall convenience and the RPG is really fun to play around with.

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19 hours ago, Graf Zahl said:

Blood's dynamite gives an incredibly satisfying feeling. Nothing comes really close.



I concur wholeheartedly.

Edited by Jello

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