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Mustafa Kemal Pasha

[WIP] Compaund X

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WAD name: Compaund X

Testing on Zandronum 3.0

Map count: 1

Story: it is up to you.

Music: Quake-Focus track09





1- Zdoom Wiki

2- https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=65466 //door texture

3- Textures and some sprites are from realm667

4- Quake fandom wiki //for sound effects




Wad info: (Please Check Screen Shots first then read here !)


So, as you can see on the screenshots I started to work on a new map called Compaund X.

I don't like writing stories. So, I left it to your own magnificent imagination. You will have new

items like +15 and +25 medikits, green(100)/yellow(150)/red(200) armors. I wanted to use this

music: Sonichaos - Usurper but creator of the music might say no. So, I use original Quake ost instead.


Q: Will I able to play this wad with gameplay mods such as Brutal Doom, QCDE, D4T etc. ?

A: No, because I changed weapons selection order and playerclass . For example, Shotgun replaced pistol so pistol is unselectable.


Q: So there are only Vanilla weapons ?

A: Yes but except 1 weapon and it is Rocket Launcher. RL has a secondary fire mode now.

It can throw grenades and uses rockets as ammo. 


Q: How long have you been woking on this ?

A: A week...I am at the beginning of the map.


Q: When will you release this wad, then ?

A: Hmmm, I am not certainly sure but won't take so long, I hope.


Q: Will there be new monsters ?

A: Nope.


Q: Is sky moving or what ?

A: Yes it is, and most of mappers know it how I am doing that.


Q: I saw different color lights around doors's sides, Does that mean...?

A: Yes, I added new keys to LOCKDEFS.


Q: Do you like answering your own questions ?

A: Yes, if I was doing this in public people would think I am a lunatic but whatever...



BTW, why don't you send your very own story about this wad. So we all can see what you are thinking about it.





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I forgot to tell. If a newbei like this map and want to know how I did those. They can use Slade 3 and open the wad. I categorized all files and put some short explanation into them. I will do the same stuff for map's scripts too. So, beginners will get into mapping much more quickly, I hope.

I am not also a professional, anyways but somtimes writing codes and make them work might be A LITTLE stressfull sometimes.

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