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Save The Astronaut

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Hey guys, 


Been awhile since I've come on here. I've spent most of this year in quarentine experimenting in game development, and over the last few months I have put together a game called Save The Astronaut which is now available on Steam


Store page:



My wife and I are hoping to turn this into our full time career. We really enjoy the process of conceptualizing and making games. It's something I've been experimenting with since I was a young teenager. So, this is just the beginning for us. We're already working on the sequel.

I hope some of you guys will check it out and let me know what you think. We're really excited right now. This was a big step for us. 



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My good friend over at Retro Dino has done a full playthrough of the game. 


Work on the sequel, tenatively titled "Save The Astronaut II" has started.

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Hey guys! 

More news.

Save The Astronaut will be receiving an update next Friday which will address a few small issues people have had with the game. Nothing that outright broke it, but just a few niggling issues. Alongside the update will be a demo for the game as well to hopefully increase peoples interest. We're a small studio and every purchase is massively important to us right now. 

Save The Astronaut is now also on indiedb!

We were also in a sponsored stream thanks to "The Princess" on facebook.


She starts streaming Save The Astronaut at about 2:02:00 into her stream.

We hope you guys will check the game out and give us some feedback. 

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